Carlas Wohnzimmer: Behind the scenes © Sabrina Rücker

Film & Talk: "Carlas Wohnzimmer"

Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 7 p.m.

How has our view of gender changed since the early twentieth century? This film (D 2019, 34 min.) aims to explore contemporary perspectives through interviews with trans* and non-binary people living in Berlin today, in which protagonists reflect on the past and connect to their lived experiences. Protagonists react to Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld’s “Psycho-biological Questionnaire” from 1925 (sixth edition), as well as excerpts from the letters that the trans woman Carla Erskine sent to Dr. Harry Benjamin in the early 1950s. The interviews take place in a creatively reimagined staging of Louise Lawrence’s San Francisco living room, where Carla took pictures of her friends to send to Benjamin for his research.

(Film in German and English language with English subtitles)

The film is part of the exhibition TransTrans.

Protagonists: Oska Melina Borcherding, Nora Eckert, Cameron Eridan, Sanni Est, Frederik Olek Jurr, Elba Uwe Marlaine Mädger, Veronika Pavlišin, Nova B. Phoenix, Nadja Schallenberg, Anouk Schmitz, Marty Stemme

Concept: Annette F. Timm, Sabrina Rücker & Brian Andrew Hose
Production, Interviews, Camera, Sound, Editing: Sabrina Rücker & Brian Andrew Hose
Historical Consultation: Annette F. Timm, Rainer Herrn, Michael Thomas Taylor & Alex Bakker (LINK)

The producers and directors of Carlas Wohnzimmer, Sabrina Rücker and Brian Andrew Hose will offer an introduction to the film and answer questions from the audience after the screening.

The event is a part of TransVision. This series of events includes the exhibitions "TransTrans: Transatlantic Transgender Histories" and "TransMünchen: Geschichte und Gegenwart Münchner Trans*Menschen" as well as a diverse range of event formats accompanying the exhibitions.
Click here for more information on TransVision.

Admission is free. No registration necessary.

Photo: Carlas Wohnzimmer: Behind the scenes © Sabrina Rücker

Carlas Wohnzimmer: Sabrina Rücker & Brian Hose © Sabrina Rücker

Sabrina Rücker is a Berlin-based film editor and producer, whose work focuses on queer identities and provincial narratives. In 2019, she successfully completed her bachelor studies at MetFilm School with the short documentary Opa Schorsch und Oma Ulla, which premiered at the 35th Osnabrück Independent Film Festival in 2020. In her work, she questions traditional role concepts in her search for a deconstructed notion of home.

Sabrina produced the short film Paper Swallows Rock from director Vanessa Gravenor which premiered at the 38th Kasseler Dokfest and will be screened at the 68th Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen. She is the editor of the feature film Ioanna, directed by Albrecht Hirche, the video exhibition Truth or Dare from Maja Classen and has edited documentaries for the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Brian Hose is an American screenwriter and film director living in Berlin, Germany. Born in Boulder, Colorado in 1993, he moved to Brooklyn, New York after graduating from high school, where he worked as a video artist in the independent art scene and shot music videos. In 2017, he moved to Berlin, Germany, where he graduated from his film directing studies at MetFilm School Berlin in 2019, under the instruction of Henner Winckler.

Since then, Brian has been working as a freelance director and cinematographer in Berlin's independent film scene. Brian’s work explores themes such as social pressure and shaming culture, with a particular interest in stories with young people and among the LGBT+ community.

Brian worked as the video artist for a production of the Deutsche Oper (German Opera) in 2021, and his work was exhibited at the Gay Museum Berlin in 2020. As a cinematographer, he won the Best Cinematography award for The New Galileos at the Sicily International Film Festival in 2018. Brian was a guest lecturer in 2017 at the Institute of the Arts in Philadelphia and Parsons School of Design in New York City.


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