Cell phone showing a news page on a red background ©Brian McGowan / unsplash.com

Fake News: Our Digital World Workshop

This free, interactive workshop uses digital tools to teach students about the differences between misinformation and disinformation and how to identify fake news in daily life. Using real-life examples and simulation games, students learn more about the effects disinformation has in our society. They will also hone their fake news-busting skills so they have the tools and confidence to recognize and combat disinformation.

This workshop can take place at Amerikahaus, or we can visit your classroom at school. Participation requires wireless access to the internet and works best when students have their own personal devices or can share a device with a partner.

Photo: © Brian McGowan / unsplash.com

For grades 9 to 13, all school forms


Free of charge

90 or 120 minutes

We look forward to your registration via bibliothek@amerikahaus.de! Please include the school, grade level, number of participants, and suggested workshop dates in your e-mail.

Sarah Ackermann

Leiterin Recherchezentrum, Programme Schüler*innen und Lehrkräfte


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