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Closeup of the Statue of Liberty ©Andy MacMillan/unsplash.com

Immigration and the United States – Of Melting Pots and Border Fences

Friday, April 26, 2024, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This seminar will take place in Amerikahaus. A livestream with possibility for active participation is also available. Upon registration, please select only one participation format.

The United States is a country of immigrants, but immigration has often been one of the most contentious issues in American society and politics. It is also constantly changing: Immigration in the early 2020s looks completely different than it did just ten years ago, let alone twenty or fifty. At the same time, U.S. immigration law remains essentially unchanged since the early 1990s and is still largely based on reforms made in the mid-1960s, leading to all sorts of problems. Even New York City, the proverbial melting pot, is currently struggling with an unprecedented influx of asylum seekers in need of more housing and social services than the city can provide.

To make matters worse, American society and politics have become as polarized on immigration as they are on many other issues. Republicans, once much more pragmatic and nuanced on immigration issues, now largely follow Donald Trump’s anti-immigration populist lead. Traditionally immigration-friendly Democrats struggle with the challenges of mass unauthorized immigration and try to downplay an issue they fear might hurt them politically. The Biden administration especially is walking a tight rope between its promises of a humane immigration policy and restrictions meant to counter Republican claims that the Southwest border is out of control.

This seminar will examine these and other issues related to recent and current immigration to the United States. As usual, political cartoons and videos will provide comic relief and food for thought.

09.00: Paths of immigration, legal and unauthorized
09.45: Recent changes in immigration: countries of origin, family groups, asylum seekers
10.30: coffee break
11.00: Immigration restrictions under Trump: the “wall”, family separation, “remain in Mexico”, COVID-19 and Title 42
11.45: Immigration policy under Biden: balancing enforcement and humanitarian concerns, the parole system
12.30: Conclusion: immigration’s effect on US society and politics
13.00: Open discussion
14.00: End

Registration fee: € 10 per teacher seminar. Please note that the registration fee is due upon registration and can only be reimbursed after submitting a doctor's note or when the format of the seminar changes the way teachers can participate.

Please register via our registration form. We have announced the seminar on FIBS but do not have open registration there.
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Photo above: © Andy MacMillan / unsplash.com

Markus Hünemörder mit einem Simpsons-Statue ©Markus Hünemörder

About Markus Hünemörder

Dr. Markus Hünemörder ist Lehrbeauftragter und Studienberater an der LMU München. Sein Interessensgebiet ist die amerikanische Politik und die amerikanische politische Kultur. Durch sein fundiertes Expertenwissen bringt Dr. Hünemörder dem Publikum wichtige US-Themen nahe, mit angemessenem Humor und satirischem Kulturgut.

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