Comments on the exhibition "From A New Yorker's Perspective". Photography by Christopher Makos.

Below you’ll find a detailed description of the photos featured in the exhibition. In the left column you can hear the artist, Christopher Makos, talk about his work. In the right column you can hear a German version from the exhibition’s curator, Thorsten Kasper. 

Andy Warhol - American Flag, Madrid, 1982.

Andy was being photographed by a Spanish photographer. Christopher “took over” the shoot and got this image.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, NYC, 1984

Christopher photographed artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. There was a blow-up vinyl globe in the studio which Makos got Basquiat to hold with Africa facing the camera.

Mick Jagger, Montauk, NY, 1977

The Rolling Stones were rehearsing for their 1977 American tour at Warhol’s Montauk estate where Makos took this image of Mick Jagger.

Matt Dillon, Waverly Place, NYC, 1980

Actor Matt Dillon skipped a day of high school to come to Makos’ apartment to be photographed for Interview magazine.

Andy Warhol, Altered Image, NYC, 1981

One of the Altered Image portraits from the 1982 collaboration between Warhol and Makos. Andy had long wanted to explore gender identity and felt comfortable enough to sit for Makos.

Andy Warhol’s Favorite Portrait, 1986

Andy Warhol’s Favorite Portrait, NYC, 1986. Warhol with his “big hair” that figures in his Camouflage Self-Portraits from 1986.

Debbie Harry, 1987

Christopher photographed singer Debbie Harry many times, beginning when she was lead singer for the Punk rock band Blondie. This was his first color session.

Georgia O’Keeffe, NYC, 1983

Georgia O’Keeffe came to Warhol’s 860 Broadway studio to sit for a portrait painting. which Christopher documented.

Keith Haring, NYC, 1983

Makos met graffiti artist Keith Haring in 1978 before Keith was famous. He introduced him to Warhol.

Man Ray with Coffee Cup, Fregene, Italy, 1975

Makos spent Man Ray’s last birthday with the famed surrealist in Fregene, Italy.

Nicola Formichetti Portrait, NYC, 2011

Designer and art director for Italian label Diesel and costume designer for Lady Gaga. Nicola contacted Makos about doing a project together. This image is from that session.

Rob Lowe, NYC, 1983

American actor who Makos photographed for Interview magazine. Lowe became famous as one of the “Brat Pack” of American actors (Emilio Esteves, Matt Dillon, Christian Slater, et. al.) appearing in such coming of age movies as The Breakfast Club.

Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, Pergamon Museum, Berlin, 1982

Artists Warhol, Rauschenberg, Joseph Beuys and Cy Twombly were in Berlin for an exhibition at the Nationalgalerie, Berlin.

Berlin Wall, 1982

Warhol took Christopher to Germany in 1982 for a Warhol exhibit organized by Hans Meyer in Düsseldorf. They took side-trips to Zürich and Berlin.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Brad Davis on Querelle Set, Berlin, 1982

Warhol was commissioned to do the poster for Fassbinder’s last movie and took Christopher along to the set.

Glienicke Bridge, West/East Berlin, 1989

One of the last days of two Germanys which Makos wanted to document.

Liza Minnelli and John Lennon, NYC, 1978

Liza Minelli on the day of her Warhol portrait sitting.

John Lennon dropped in.

Calvin Klein, Fire Island, NY, 1982

The American designer invited Warhol, Makos and Peter Wise for the day at his rented house. They flew round-trip on a sea plane from the East River in NYC to Fire Island, Flying under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Elizabeth Taylor, New Jersey, 1988

Elizabeth Taylor enjoyed a close relationship with American capitalist Malcolm Forbes. For her birthday Forbes gave Taylor a Harley Davidson painted lavender. Lavender was the name of her perfume.

Daube Twins, NYC, 1995

American models that Makos photographed for his 2004 book Exhibitionism.

Divine, NYC, 1976

American actor famous for roles in John Waters movies. (Pink Flamingos, Polyester, Hairspray).

Ivana Trump, Trump Tower, NYC, 1980

Makos photographed Ivana for the cover of New York Magazine in the Trumps’ newly decorated Trump Tower apartment.

Statue of Liberty, NYC, 1981

Flying in a helicopter rented by Warhol as a birthday gift for Jon Gould and Peter Wise.

Chevrolet, LA, California, 1993

At a Palm Springs Classic Car Show.

Miami Go-See, Miami, 1990

Models on Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.