Cover of "Why Fish Don't Exist" ©Amerikahaus München

"Why Fish Don't Exist" by Lulu Miller

Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 6 p.m.

When NPR reporter Lulu Miller first heard, in passing, about the seemingly obsessive life of David Starr Jordan—a taxonomist who lost his life’s work to lightning, fire, and even the 1906 San Francisco earthquake—she thought she had found a cautionary tale of hubris (or denial). But, as her own life slowly unraveled, she began to wonder whether he was, instead, a model for how to go on when all seemed lost. Indeed, what Miller would eventually unearth about Jordan would transform her understanding of history, morality, and the very earth beneath her feet. Why Fish Don’t Exist is an ode on how to persevere in a world where chaos will always prevail.

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Photo: Cover of "Why Fish Don't Exist" ©Amerikahaus München

This month’s meeting will take place in person at Amerikahaus. To participate in the meeting, wearing a surgical or FFP-2 mask is required for the duration of the meeting. Please note that this policy differs from the general rules for entering the Amerikahaus, and it has been put in place at the request of the Amerikahaus Literary Circle’s leader and a number of regular members to the group. The mask requirement begins for meeting participants upon entering the lecture room on the ground floor of the Amerikahaus. We thank you for your understanding.


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