The BAA is not only an organizer of conferences and lectures on American studies, but also the hub of a network for cutting-edge research on America. The contact point for all interested in a membership is the the BAA's office at the Amerikahaus in Munich.

The BAA has nearly 200 members from a variety of disciplines who are in active communication with each other, develop joint programs, and actively participate in the design of the programs.

Helmbrecht Breinig

Professor emeritus Helmbrecht Breinig

Helmbrecht Breinig received honorary membership in 2008 in recognition of his services as a founding member of the BAA and his many years of service as a director on the board. He held the Chair of American Studies at the Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg until he retired.

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Werner Sollors

Professor emeritus Werner Sollors

Werner Sollors was awarded honorary membership in 2016 in recognition of his service as a long-time member of the BAA and as supervisor of the Harvard Fellowship Program. He is Henry B. and Anne M. Cabot Professor Emeritus of English and of African American Studies at Harvard University.

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Donald E. Pease

Professor Donald E. Pease

Donald E. Pease received honorary membership in 2019 in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the BAA Summer Academies and the advancement of young scholars. He is the Ted and Helen Geisel Third Century Professor in the Humanities, Chair of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program, and Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Dartmouth College.

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Jürgen Gebhardt

Professor emeritus Jürgen Gebhardt

Jürgen Gebhardt was awarded honorary membership in 2023 in recognition of his services as a founding member of the BAA and his many years of service as director and member of the board. He held the Chair of Political Science II at the Institute of Political Science of Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nurmberg until he retired.

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Membership may be applied for by post-doctoral scholars with a focus on North America or on inter-American topics who have full-time employment at one of the following institutions in Bavaria:

  • universities
  • non-academic research institutions
  • institutions of adult/vocational education
  • foundations/endowments dedicated to the enhancement of science and research
  • research institutions linked to and supported by private industry

Additionally, the Academy offers associated membership to individuals who do not fulfill the above mentioned criteria. The Academy has the option of nominating outstanding researchers from Germany and other countries as corresponding members.

The BAA offers institutional memberships to universities and like institutions. They will have no vote but may demand information on the work of the academy and can appear as advisors to the academy. Thereby the organization of cooperative events is to be facilitated.


The membership is gratuitous.

Rights and Duties

The membership authorizes and obligates to participation in the activities of the Bavarian American-Academy and to mutual cooperation. All members are entitled to submit proposals to the board of directors concerning the programm.

More information can be found in the basic order of the Bavarian American Academy (102 KB, available in German only).

Admission to membership

The board of directors decides on the preliminary admission of new members. The meeting of members decides on the final admisson of new members.

End membership

The end of the membership is to be declared in written form to the board of directors. In justified cases members can be excluded by a majority of the meeting of members.

Active members of the BAA can apply for financial support for single academic lectures at Bavarian universities or other non-academic institutions.

The BAA's support policy focuses on lectures with interdisciplinary orientation and the U.S. and Canada as well as Latin America and the Caribbean as central items.

Jasmin Falk

Administrative Assistant
Bavarian American Academy


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