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Jouni Häkli: "Environmental Citizenship: Between (Unwarranted) Hope and (Unproductive) Despair" (Keynote Address)

Friday, July 7, 2023, 4 p.m. (CEST)

The major environmental crises of our times, including climate change and biodiversity loss, have generated a growing demand for responsible agency and have thus placed environmental citizenship firmly on the political agenda. While in policymaking circles environmentally responsible agency has been embraced as a relatively unproblematic notion, academic scholarship has tended to either ‘overinvest’ or ‘underinvest’ in its potential to bring about change towards a more sustainable future.

In this presentation, Häkli critically assesses both tendencies, focusing in particular on issues raised by attempts to imagine post-humanist alternatives to citizenship as normatively embedded human agency. He concludes by arguing that, rather than seeking to move beyond responsible agency, we should continue to work towards fully understanding the particularity of the human relation to the environment that being human entails.

This keynote address is taking place in part of the BAA Conference 2023.

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Jouni Häkli is Professor of Regional Studies and leads the Space and Political Agency Research Group (SPARG) at Tampere University. His research lies at the intersection of political geography and global and transnational sociology, with focus on the study of political subjectivity and agency, lived citizenship, forced migration, and borders and national identities. Among his recent publications are The subject of citizenship – Can there be a posthuman civil society? (Political Geography); Politicizing ontology (Progress in Human Geography, with M. Joronen); Lived citizenship: conceptualizing an emerging field (Citizenship Studies, with K.P. Kallio and B.E. Wood); A missing citizen? Issue-based citizenship in city-regional planning (International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, with K.P. Kallio & O. Ruokolainen); and Bodies and persons: The politics of embodied encounters in asylum seeking (Progress in Human Geography, with K.P. Kallio). Currently he is leading a four-year research project the Politics of Encounters in Asylum Seeking (POEMS) funded by the Academy of Finland.

This keynote address takes place in hybrid format. 
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