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Please note: The Amerikahaus will be closed on Saturday, July 20, 2024, due to a closed event and from Monday, July 29, 2024, until Sunday, August 18, 2024, due to our summer break . Thank you very much for your understanding!

In our 2020/2021 series Stories from America we invite people living in the Americas to tell us about their daily lives and how they and their community deal with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. We interview people from different places, different professions and different cultural backgrounds about their personal view on the current events and what might be a positive effect for our common future.

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Below each video you will see 4-5 listening comprehension questions. We have added these questions to assist students working on their listening skills in English, in part as preparation for the Abitur. You can find a printable version of the questions and the answer key on our page "Materialien für Lehrkräfte".

Andrés Morales is a package engineer for GRUMA's Research and Development lab in Nuevó Leon, Mexico.

1. What does GRUMA do?

2. Why is the technical support Andrés works on important during the Coronavirus pandemic?

3. Who was sent home from Andrés’ department due to Coronavirus?

4. When was the last time Andrés got to see his parents?

Joshua Rashaad McFadden is a Visual Artist and Professor from Rochester, New York, USA.

1. When was “After Selma” exhibited at Amerikahaus?

2. Why has it been difficult for Joshua to stay positive during the pandemic?

3. Which problems do Black people still face in the US?

4. What can’t people in the US turn a blind eye to, according to Joshua?

Ute Päpke is a Business Consultant and President of the Munich Sister City Association of Cincinnati, Ohio.

1. What is Munich's sister city in the U.S. called?

2. How was the traffic on Ute's drive back home?

3. Were Ute and her husband required to go into quarantine?

4. When should the students from Ohio arrive in Munich?

Amber Etcheson is an international student recruitment coordinator from Pittsburg, Kansas, USA.

1. When did the university’s students and staff start working from home

2. How does Amber’s international recruitment department make the experience less expensive for students?

3. When did Amber’s university hope to go back to working from campus?

4. Why is Amber so excited about a window?

TJ Evans is a retail logistics receiving manager from Perry, Kansas.

1. Why is TJ working overtime?

2. What does TJ miss a lot during this pandemic?

3. Why is wearing a mask at work strenuous for TJ?

4. What are some free time activities that TJ has been up to?

Alberto Acosta is an Economist from Quito, Ecuador. // Please note: This video is in German, please turn on subtitles for English version.

Mediation practice: You want to share Alberto’s video on Instagram, but you have a lot of English-speaking followers. Describe Alberto’s perspective in 2-3 English sentences that you could post on Instagram, and include 3-5 hashtags to properly categorize Alberto’s video.


Endia Beal is an artist and photographer from North Carolina, USA.

1. What connection does Endia have to the Amerikahaus?

2. Which area of life does Endia make the focus of her photography?

3. How does Endia stay motivated during the pandemic?

4. What is some advice Endia gives to other makers?

Monica is a trainer for the Department of Defense from Nevada, USA.

1. What type of training does Monica give?

2. Where has Monica been getting more food recently?

3. How far are active-duty military members allowed to travel at the moment?

4. Which ways has Monica’s personal life been affected since the pandemic (name 2)?

Fatima is a structural engineer from Toronto, Canada.

1. How long has Fatima been in her current position at work?

2. What does Fatima say takes more time when working at home?

3. How will Fatima change her work schedule after the pandemic?

4. What is the stressful part of the work drive for Fatima?

Linda Cunningham is an artist, her wife Sabine is an art historian. They both live in New York City, USA.

1. Who got Linda an exhibition in Germany?

2. When does Sabine think her non-profit can reopen?

3. How does Sabine know that people care for each other nowadays?

4. What is happening to the Bronx neighborhood, according to Linda?

Ali Shakil is an Associate Partner at IBM in Toronto, Canada.

1. Which field does Ali work in?

2. How has IBM been continuing their projects with clients?

3. What is something Ali thinks companies will change technologically because of the pandemic?

4. Where is Ali living at the moment?

Zach is an ER nurse and film student from New York City.

1. What happens if Nick gets a fever?

2. How does Nick describe activities that aren’t possible right now?

3. Which big entertainment area does Nick mention being closed?

4. What does Nick say quarantine makes people reflect on?

Dr. Jace Saplan is Assistant Professor and Director of Choral Activities at the University of Hawai'i.

1. Where does Dr. Saplan say everything his students learn is synthesized?

2. What is the virtual project song about?

3. How does Jace make sure his pandemic life is productive and positive?

4. Which new hobby has Jace taken up during this time?

Jeremiah DeVore is an ornamental horticulturalist from Columbia, South Carolina.

1. What is an easier term for Jeremiah’s job title?

2. What is South Carolina’s policy about church services during the pandemic?

3. Has Jeremiah been able to work remotely?

4. With whom does Jeremiah’s grandmother live?

Julia is an aspiring tattoo artist and a barista at Starbucks and her fiancé Tim is a manufacturing engineer. They live in Peoria, Illinois.
1. Is Julia already a tattoo artist?
2. How does Tim receive money at the moment?
3. How have Julia and Tim been exercising?
4. What are some activities this pair has been doing in the kitchen?

Esther Tuttle is a student majoring in Native American Studies, first-time mother and member of the Oglala Lakota Nation from Montana.

1. What does Esther want to teach her daughter someday?

2. Which war did Esther’s father partake in?

3. Name two reasons Esther mentions for why reservations are at a high risk in the pandemic:

4. What are two qualities Esther urges people to show during this time?

Michelle is a yoga instructor and health & wellness life coach from Osage City, Kansas.
1. What other jobs does Michelle hold in this time?
2. How has Michelle provided students with mindfulness exercises?
3. Does Michelle expect people in the community to pay for her yoga classes at this time?
4. Why does Michelle’s grocery shopping not last as long now?

Martha Schoolman is a Literature Professor at Florida International University in Miami, USA. Outside of her work, she volunteers with her local Democratic party.
1. What type of virtual celebration is Martha participating in with her family?
2. How does Martha spend a lot of her free time?
3. Who did Martha see wearing N-95 masks?
4. How has Martha changed how she gives out vote-by-mail request forms since the pandemic?

Amica was working as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Taiwan when the Corona pandemic hit. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
1. Where did Amica work as a teaching assistant?
2. Why does Amica follow strict quarantine procedures?
3. What is so special about Birmingham at the moment?
4. What does Amica receive even though she has returned to the United States?

Heather is a behavioral health specialist from Maui, Hawai'i. She is working with students who have individualized education plans (IEPs).
1. Which students receive “Individual Educational Plans” with Heather?
2. Who does Heather provide services for now that she is working from home?
3. What age groups are in Heather’s client list?
4. Name some reasons why Heather sees her situation now positively.

Lindsey is a High School Teacher (AP World History, World History) and Chad is a Professor of Law in St. Louis, Missouri.
1. Which subjects to Lindsey and Chad teach, respectively?
2. What do both miss most at the moment?
3. Has the amount of individual feedback Lindsey gives increased or decreased since going online?
4. What are some changes happening in Chad’s field because of the pandemic?

Stephanie is a pediatric travel nurse from San Diego, California.
1. How long has Stephanie worked as a pediatric nurse?
2. How hard-hit is the hospital Stephanie works at?
3. What do her patients think is the best part of staying at home?
4. What type of building does Stephanie live in?

Pete Bachfischer is a high school German teacher in Illinois, USA.
1. How long has Pete been teaching for?
2. Who did Pete ask for help when he was getting ready to do online classes?
3. Which animals does Pete take care of every morning?
4. Why does Pete say the school closing came at a ‘fortuitous time’?
BONUS: Which regional accent does Pete speak? (hint: big city)

Jim Price is the Executive Director for the non-profit organization Amity Institute in San Diego, California.
1. How long has Amity Institute existed?
2. Which two ways have partner schools responded to the pandemic?
3. Where do teachers and interns live during their programs?
4. What does Amity Institute do?

Dan is a teacher and high school band director in Spring Hill, Kansas.
1. What sort of equipment did the students take home in March?
2. How does Dan communicate with his students now?
3. Does Dan have his class meet as a big group online?
4. Who does Dan say has benefited most from this in his family?

Vanessa is a middle school Spanish teacher in Los Angeles, California.
1. Does Vanessa need more time or less time to offer online classes?
2. Which week did Vanessa’s school announce online classes?
3. Some students struggle with online classes. What are some of the reasons for this, according to Vanessa?
4. Where was Vanessa supposed to go with students for her service trip?
5. What did Vanessa mean when she said her summer plans are “up in the air”?

Kathryn is a performing musician, freelance videographer/editor and barista/bartender from Kansas City, Kansas.
1. What are some other jobs Kathryn has besides being a musician?
2. Why has Kathryn been taking cover requests?
3. Name two ways Kathryn is earning money during the pandemic.
4. What has Kathryn never done before now?

Megan Spencer is a full-time MBA student at the University of Texas.
1. What characteristics does Megan need to be successful at e-learning?
2. What is happening to the current workforce in the US?
3. How will Megan pay for her summer semester?
4. When did Megan move to Texas?

John Spencer is the President and General Manager of Starved Rock Media, Inc., a U.S. broadcasting company based in Oglesby, Illinois.
1. Where is Oglesby, Illinois?
2. What percentage of John’s staff is currently working from home?
3. How does the radio station usually earn money?
4. What is one way Starved Rock Media has started to give its listeners a diversion?