Information for visitors

Visiting our exhibitions and events is currently possible without access control. Wearing a mask (medical or FFP2) at Amerikahaus is currently not mandatory, but is still recommended.
For the individual departments, please note our current information on our corona protection measures. Please refrain from visiting if you feel unwell or have cold or flu-like symptoms.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.

Wheelchair symbol on street © Mabel Amber, Pixabay



The Amerikahaus is a multi-story building with four floors. You can reach all floors accessibly via an elevator with a visual display. The elevator has raised buttons and voice output. The display in the elevator and on the stairs is in Braille (German language). The exhibition rooms are on the ground floor, second, and third floors. We also offer an audio induction loop system in the theater and the lecture room for people with a hearing impairment. There is a restroom for handicapped people on the ground floor with an automatic door. The restrooms in the basement are reachable barrier-free via the elevator. They are not accessible via a wheelchair. We allow guide dogs throughout the entire Amerikahaus. 


Parking spaces

You will find two parking spaces for handicapped people on the right-hand side of the house. Please notify us at or by phone at +49 89 552537-0 if you would like to reserve a parking spot.

Function Rooms

Foyer (ground floor)
The main entrance is accessible via a ramp. It has a 4,5cm high threshold. The barrier-free entrance is accessible on the right side of the building, next to the parking lot. There is a 1 cm high threshold at the barrier-free entrance. Please ring the doorbell at the main entrance so that the staff can help you enter the building. To exit the building, there is a door opener in the foyer at a height of approx. 85 cm.

Theater hall (ground floor)
The theater hall is accessible via two ramps. The seating is variable; wheelchair spaces, parking spaces for walkers, and seats for support workers are available. The auditorium has an audio induction loop for people with a hearing impairment.

Garden hall (ground floor)
The garden hall is part of the theater hall stage, which can be closed off if necessary and converted into a garden hall. Barrier-free access to the garden hall is possible via a stair lift with a euro key.

Lecture room (ground floor)
The lecture room is located next to the main entrance and is barrier-free. The seating is variable, wheelchair spaces, parking spaces for walkers and seats for support workers are available. The lecture room has an audio induction loop.

Research center (1st floor)
The research center is reachable barrier-free via the elevator to the first floor. Two glass doors lead from the stairwell to the research center. If these are not open, please inform our staff, who will be happy to help you. Alternative access can also be arranged via a fire door. Please ask staff for access to this door. 

Karolinensaal (1st floor)
The Karolinensaal is located on the first floor in the rear part of the research center. You can access the Karolinensaal barrier-free via the elevator to the first floor and through the research center. Alternatively, you can use the shorter route via the stairwell, please contact our staff for this.

Visit the website for detailed information on accessibility (only available in German).

Photo at the top: Wheelchair symbol on street © Mabel Amber, Pixabay