This seminar for teachers approaches the field of Game Studies from different perspectives and explores historical and technological developments.  Registration fee: €10.

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Video Games: Learning to Play, Playing to Learn

Teacher Training / Registration fee: €10

Video games are arguably the most pervasive and successful entertainment medium of our time, with the global games industry routinely outdoing the film industry in financial terms. Video games have also developed into an important cultural force especially in the twenty-first century, as gaming is no longer a subcultural but a general phenomenon that is not restricted to any particular age, gender, class, or other identity category.


This seminar approaches this vast field from a variety of perspectives, exploring historical and technological developments, contemporary cultural and ideological implications, and academic approaches under the interdisciplinary label of Game Studies. We will discuss basic conceptual issues such as the tension between gameplay and narrative as well as numerous concrete examples, and we will consider potential uses of video games in the classroom as well as more general approaches to a medium that has become a fundamental part of most student’s media usage today.


The seminar will set out as a guided tour for those who have never played a video game as much as avid gamers, but more importantly, it will then also provide ample space for discussion amongst the participants.



09:00 Video Games: A Cultural and Technological History

09:45 Introducing Game Studies

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Case Studies: Analysing Video Games

11:45 Teaching (with) Video Games

13:00 Open Discussion

14:00 End


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Speaker: Prof. Dr. Sascha Pöhlmann, University of Konstanz


Organizer: Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations


Contact: Christine Waleczek


(Photo: © Pixabay/VanDulti)


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