The panel discussion takes place via YouTube livestream.




No registration required.

U.S. Presidential Elections – Who won the Blue Collar Vote?

Panel discussion via YouTube livestream / No registration necessary

This lecture takes place virtually via YouTube live stream, no registration necessary:


You can also access the discussion via Zoom. The link will be made available on the day of the discussion.


This event is part of our event series US-Wahlen 2020.


One of the decisive questions in the 2020 election will be how the blue collar vote will be cast. In 2016, a significant portion of the white working class – disaffected by being left behind by post-industrial, neoliberal politics of the political elite in DC – was led to believe in the rhetorical antics of the disruptive force of Donald Trump. At the same time, Hillary Clinton was not nearly as successful in mobilizing the black blue collar vote as was Obama before. 


In this panel discussion, we will look into the diverse factors that have defined the blue collar vote – in particular along the line of race and other demographic factors. Our experts will also speculate on why certain platform issues of either party did or did not speak to this particular section of the electorate.


The panel:

Prof. Sherry Linkon - Georgetown University 

Prof. William E. SpriggsHoward University / Chief-Economist of AFL-CIO (PENDING)

Anja Wehler-Schöck - German Embassy DC, Counselor for Labor, Health, Migration


Moderator: Dr. Markus Faltermeier, Amerikahaus


Organizers: BayernForum der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, DGB-München, Stiftung Bayerisches Amerikahaus


Contact: Dr. Markus Faltermeier


(Photo: Blue Collar Worker © Spencer Davis / Unsplash.com)


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