This digital teacher seminar discusses the US's relationship with environmental policies throughout history.

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The United States and the Environment: A History of Exploitation, Conservation and Protection (digital)

Teacher Seminar / Registration free €10 / Register at bibliothek@amerikahaus.de


This teacher seminar will take place online via zoom.


When we think of North America’s natural environment, world-famous national parks, gigantic redwood trees and the beautiful scenery of the American West come to mind. However, we might also think of the careless und unrestrained exploitation of natural resources, the environmental damage done by the world’s biggest consumer society, and a never ending series of natural (or human made?) catastrophes.

This teacher seminar will trace the main themes in United States environmental history from pre-colonial times to the present. We will briefly look at indigenous environmental histories and the importance of the distorted image of the “Ecological Indian.” We will scrutinize the colonial society’s relationship with the environment – between a perceived abundance of resources and sometimes deadly misinterpretations of the American climate. In the 19th century, urbanization and industrialization posed a heavy burden on the environment and led to early attempts at conservation – a development that has been picked up in the 20th century by the new environmental movement and, more recently, by activists focusing on environmental justice. The seminar will make heavy use of a wide array of primary sources and documents that can be accessed easily and used in a school environment.

09:00    Introduction: What is Environmental History?
09:30    The Land of Plenty or the Land of Disaster? New World Environments
10:30    Coffee Break
11:00    Conservation and Preservation
11:45    New Environmental Movements
12:30    Environmental History in the Anthropocene
13:00    Open Discussion
14:00    End

Speaker: Dr. Uwe Lübken, LMU Amerika-Institut

Registration fee: € 10

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Contact: Sarah Martin

Organizer:  Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations

(Photo: © Chloe Leis / unsplash.com)



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