Do you enjoy reading and talking about books in English? Our Literary Circle discusses a different book each month. You can drop by regularly or you can join us for only one evening – it’s up to you. Mark Olival-Bartley leads the discussion.

"The Easter Parade" by Richard Yates

Literary Circle / Free admission


First published in 1976, Richard Yates' fifth novel explores the tragic lives of two sisters. Along with Revolutionary Road, The Easter Parade is considered to be Yates' finest work. 


The story begins in the 1930s and continues through the 1970s: Even as little girls, Sarah and Emily, are very different from one another—Emily looks up to her sensible older sister and is jealous of her seemingly perfect marriage; Sarah chooses a different path for herself.  Although the bond between the two women endures, they grow gradually apart until, one day, the unexpected occurs.


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