This seminar for teachers showcases art as an established part of social movements’ repertoire.

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The Art of Protest

Teacher Training / Registration fee: €10


This seminar examines the role of art in social movements in the post-war United States. In focusing on the cultural dimension of movements, we will uncover the important role of music, poetry, painting, graffiti, performance art, and social media art projects for both the internal dynamics of the movement and the broader impact on society, bringing about cultural change and raising awareness for issues of social and political importance.


We will take a closer look at the subversive potential and strategies of protest art, the concept of “artivism”, and practices like “culture-jamming.” This seminar showcases art as an established part of social movements’ repertoire and highlights the intricate relationship between aesthetic practices and social movements.




09:00   Introduction: The Art of Protest

09:15   Music and the Black Freedom Struggle 

10:00   Aesthetics of Protest: Black Art Movement, Chicano Movement, American Indian


10:30   Coffee Break

11:00   Feminism: Personal Politics and Cultural Practices

11:30   ACT UP: Queer Art and the LGBTQ Movement

12:00   Contemporary Practices of Protest Art

13.00   Open Discussion

14:00   End




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Speaker: Dr. Bärbel Harju, LMU München


Organizer: Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations


 (Photo: ©stuarthampton, pixabay.com, Creative Commons C0)