This event is part of the Munich Dialogues on Democracy Speakers Series and the event venue is Café Luitpold.
Free admission, registration mandatory.

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Populism, Polarization and Corruption - How Can Western Democracy Survive?

Discussion / Venue: Café Luitpold, Brienner Str. 11, 80333 Munich / Free admission, registration mandatory at www.xing-events.com/talkwithdavidfrum


Café Luitpold
Brienner Str. 11
80333 München

Join us for an interactive conversation about the crisis of liberal democracy in Europe and America. What can we learn from past mistakes and controversies as well as current events in order to find forward-thinking solutions for both sides of the Atlantic?

David Frum is a writer at “The Atlantic” magazine and the author of the 2018 New York Times bestseller, Trumpocracy - The Corruption of the American Republic, his ninth book. From 2001-2002, he served as a special assistant and speechwriter to President George W. Bush during and after the 9/11 attacks on the United States. Frum is now working on his tenth book about how to renew the American world leadership after Trump.

He is a recognized intellectual leader of the American conservative movement and was one of the first and foremost conservative Republicans to sound the alarm about the challenge posed by the Trump presidency to US global leadership, open international trade, and democratic institutions. His prophetic 2017 cover story in the Atlantic, How to Build an Autocracy, has been one of the most cited works of the Trump years.

Frum earned a Bachelor and a Master of Arts in history at Yale, then a Doctor of Law degree at Harvard, where he served as president of the Harvard chapter, the Federalist society. He also taught history at Yale from 1986-87.

Patrick Hamm is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the founder of Bulldog Agenda, a Berlin-based production company. A 2018 Berlinale Talents alumnus, he most recently completed Freedom for the Wolf, an epic investigation into the global rise of illiberal democracy, which took him to the front lines of protest movements around the world. He is also the executive producer of the 2017 Documentary Copwatch, which tells the true story of WeCopwatch, an organization dedicated to filming police activity as a non-violent form of protest and deterrent to police brutality.

Hamm earned a BA in Ethics, Politics and Economics at Yale and then an MA and PhD in Sociology at Harvard, where he taught until 2013.

This event is part of the Munich Dialogues on Democracy Speakers Series, a cooperation between The Yale Club of Germany e.V. (Munich Chapter) and the Amerikahaus - Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations, in partnership with Café Luitpold.


Books will not be for sale at the event.

If you want to purchase a copy of David Frum’s books and have it autographed, please buy it at your local book store or online in advance.

Organizers: Munich Dialogues on Democracy, Amerikahaus - Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations, Café Luitpold.


Contact: Dominik Raabe 


(Photo: David Frum © David Frum)


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