This digital teacher seminar puts the Black Lives Matter movement into a transatlantic perspective and its historical roots.

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Black Lives Matter in Transatlantic Perspective (digital)

Teacher Seminar / Registration fee 10€ / Register at bibliothek@amerikahaus.de


This teacher seminar will take place digitally in Zoom.


After the hashtag emerged in 2013 in the United States in response to (police) violence targeted towards African Americans, Black Lives Matter movements have sprung up across the globe. Addressing institutionalized and everyday racism and its consequences for People of Color, the prison industry complex, and the contested legacies of slavery and colonialism, these social movements have become critical in fighting white supremacy as well as right-wing populism.


In this teacher seminar, we will consider the historical dimension of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States by paying special attention to how slavery, the civil war, Reconstruction and racial segregation are discussed and remembered in contemporary US society and culture. We will also address the legacies of European colonialism and various forms of racial discrimination when discussing the global dimension of the BLM movement.

09:00    Introduction: The Black Lives Matter Movement in the U.S. and Beyond
09:45    The Contested Legacy of Slavery: Memory and Monuments
10:30    Coffee Break
11:00    Black Lives Matter and the Ongoing Struggle for Freedom
11:45    Black Lives Matter in Germany
12:30    Concluding Remarks
13:00    Open Discussion
14:00    End

Speaker: Dr. Silke Hackenesch, Universität zu Köln

Registration fee: € 10

Click here to register via our registration form.

Contact: Sarah Martin

Organizer:  Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations


(Photo: © mbaumi / unsplash.com)



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