A talk with the Scottish cartoonist Frank Quitely.


Streamed live on YouTube.

Artist Talk with Comic Book Artist Frank Quitely – From the 20th Century Fox X-Men Movies to Jupiter's Legacy on Netflix

Virtual artist talk / YouTube livestream / No registration necessary


The event is streamed online on YouTube.


Born under the name Vincent Deighan in Glasgow in 1968, where he still lives with his family, Frank Quitely is considered one of today’s most popular comic artists. He has worked alongside renowned comic book authors, including Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman and Mark Millar, for the major comic book publishers DC, Marvel and Image.


His collaborations with Grant Morrison, in particular, are legendary. Together they created milestones in comic book history: "JLA: Earth 2" (DC Comics, 2000), "New X-Men" (Marvel, 2001-2003), "We3" (Vertigo, 2004-2005), "Batman and Robin" (DC Comics, 2009) and the twelve-part miniseries "All-Star Superman" (DC Comics, 2005-2008). Morrison and Quitely's relaunch of the X-Men was highly influenced by director Bryan Singer's X-Men film, which ushered in a new era of comic book adaptations in 2000. For Marvel, Quitely also worked on Daredevil and Captain America. Since May 2021, Frank Quitely and Mark Millar's Netflix series Jupiter's Legacy is available on the streaming service.


In this personal conversation with Michael Kompa from Comicfestival München, Frank Quitely will provide insights into his work, the British invasion of U.S. comics, and the influence of film adaptations on the comics scene.



The exhibition "60 Jahre Marvel Comics Universe" is on display at Amerikahaus until the end of September.



Organizer: Stiftung Bayerisches Amerikahaus gGmbH in cooperation with Comicfestival München


Contact: Nina Müller, Joanna King


(Photo: ©Frank Quitely)


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