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A View from Abroad: Young Scholars‘ Panel on Election Night 2020

Panel Discussion via YouTube livestream

This event will be streamed live via YouTube. 


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After four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, the United States seems more divided than ever. Many Americans think the president’s poor handling of the COVID-19 crisis is responsible for more than 220,000 deaths. But COVID-19 is not the only troubling issue the country is currently facing. Americans are suffering from a devastating economic crisis along with high unemployment. Violent racism and police brutality as well as a contentious Supreme Court nomination have brought many people out on the streets. Trump's leadership has clearly not only affected domestic relations but foreign policy as well.


On Election Night 2020, panelists Lena Gotteswinter (University of Regensburg), Sakina Gröppmaier (LMU Munich), Jonah Otto (University of Augsburg), Andrew Wildermuth (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg), and moderator Professor Heike Paul (Director of the Bavarian American Academy/FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) will discuss some of the current issues of concern regarding the state – and the future – of American democracy.




Jonah Otto is a doctoral candidate and research & teaching associate with the Chair of Management & Organization in the Faculty of Business & Economics at the University of Augsburg since 2018, as well as a Junior Research Fellow with the Institute for Development Strategies at Indiana University.  


Sakina Gröppmaier, is a research associate at LMU Munich and a doctoral student at the ERC-funded ArtsAutonomy research project. Her research interests include public discourses, transnational studies, media studies, and contemporary and conceptual history.


Lena Gotteswinter holds an MA in North American Culture and Literature from the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. She currently is a research associate, lecturer, and PhD candidate at the University of Regensburg and is writing her dissertation on contemporary hipsters in the US.


Andrew Wildermuth studies North American studies at the FAU in Erlangen, where he focuses on contemporary poetry, US literature, and biopolitical theory. Some of his own poems have appeared in Columbia Journal, EcoTheo, and SOFTBLOW. He grew up in Maryland.



Organizer: Bavarian American Academy



(Photo: White House © Suzy Brooks /unsplash.com)


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