Swaptastic! The 4th Amerikahaus Book Swap exceeded expectations

It‘s becoming a force stronger than all our „Star Wars“ books combined: the Amerikahaus Book Swap. On Sunday, the 28th of November, even more people than last time gathered in our garage to get rid of the old and make space for new reading material. Amidst the Johnny Cash exhibit and the appropriate Wurlitzer placed right next to our book tables, the scene was set for an exciting Book Swap with a country vibe.


From Stieg Larsson to Stephen Fry, from classics to science fiction, browsing through tables full of books was definitely the best way to spend this damp Sunday afternoon. Likeminded book lovers, who had already attended previous Book Swaps, mingled with the newbies and discussed their newest literary treasures over books, coffee, and cake.


Even the youngest book worms caught a fish, as our kids book section is growing as fast as they are. The table with the giveaway books attracted especially those visitors who couldn‘t score as many points as their lust for books was worth. Remember: If you have points left on your coupon, drop by next time to redeem the rest.


Speaking of which: Congratulations to Instagram user rwrbookclub, who participated in our first #ahbookswap Instagram challenge. The variety of her pickings was quite impressive and scored her 50 points to shop at the next Amerikahaus Book Swap, which will take place on March 24th.


A big thank you to all our visitors, we wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year with a lot of good books to read. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the next Amerikahaus Book Swap in March.

(Photo: ©Amerikahaus)