Suitcases full of books: Looking back at the 3rd Amerikahaus Book Swap


While temperatures dropped yet again and spring let us wait for a spell more, many of the Amerikahaus fans made the only plausible leisure time choice: a Sunday afternoon at our Book Swap. On March 18, 2018, we held the third event of this kind and it could not have been a bigger success since we already get requests for the next book swap, which, by the way, will be on Sunday, October 28, 2018.


This past event we welcomed familiar faces as well as Amerikahaus Book Swap newbies. Some had leftover coupons from the last event, others just came to browse through the free book section, and some brought suitcases full of books. They must have followed the unwritten book swap law: the more space you free up on your shelves at home, the more new reading material you can take with you from the swap in return!


Having to choose between hundreds of books can be exhausting though. Luckily Heidi, the good soul of our institution, treated our dear bookworms with refreshments or coffee and delicious "Literary Cakes" in varieties for every taste. Whether you had a bite of "Alice lost in Cheesecakeland" or feasted on "Rip van Sprinkle", we are beyond happy that you had a cozy afternoon on our comfortable sofas surrounded by books and other book lovers.


If you run out of reading material before our next book swap, feel free to browse through the books in the brand new Amerikahaus bookcase next to our entrance.


(Photo: ©Amerikahaus)