More than just "The New Feminism to Go" - Andi Zeisler at the Amerikahaus


On Monday, October 30, 2017, we welcomed American author Andi Zeisler for a lecture and discussion of her latest book We Were Feminists Once at the Amerikahaus. In her work, recently also published in German by Rotpunktverlag, Zeisler argues, that feminism today stands for an “identity rather than action.”


Superstars like Beyoncé and other influencers of important target groups publicly declaring themselves feminists has turned a political movement into celebrity branding, says Zeisler. Today, when once powerful feminist slogans are printed on T-Shirts and sold by both luxury brands and department stores alike, it becomes obvious that the feminism so prominently featured in the media is just another product of the pop-culture marketplace.


After discussing her views during the introductory conversation with journalist Barbara Streidel and a reading of her book the audience was excited to engage with Zeisler in a lively discussion. Following the official event, fans and feminists had the chance to purchase their own copy of We Were Feminists Once and - of course - get it signed by Andi Zeisler.


Thank you very much for visiting the Amerikahaus. We look forward to welcoming you again!


Lara Dalbudak, Intern Public Relations and Social Media


Further Information

This event was hosted in cooperation with Frauenstudien München e.V. and Rotpunktverlag.


You can purchase "We Were Feminists Once" by Andi Zeisler here.


(Photo: Andi Zeisler signing a copy of her book ©Amerikahaus)