Mini Report: Women on the March and the 42 new U.S. Congresswomen

We were delighted to welcome Joye Mushaben on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 to share her insights on feminism, women in power, and political engagement.

Not only is she a Woman on the March herself, but also an expert on gender studies and women in power. Mushaben is a Curators' Professor of Comparative Politics and former Director of the Institute for Women's & Gender Studies at the University of Missouri. She talked about her own experiences with feminism during her lifetime and the glass ceilings she had to break. Furthermore, Mushaben pointed out the changes that the feminist movement has undergone over time and warned the younger generation not to get caught up in fighting over minor issues, but rather to focus on the bigger picture. According to Mushaben, the power of grass roots movements should not be underestimated. 


Following her talk, she engaged in a lively discussion with the audience. We covered everything from the president’s latest twitter misstep – asking four congress women with minority backgrounds to go back to where they came from – to general tips on how to get politically involved on a grass root level. 


We want to thank Joyce Mushaben for the wonderful talk and the audience for their active participation. 



Photo: © unsplash.com / Alice Donovan Rouse