Bavarian American Academy (BAA) releases publication on populism

The Bavarian American Academy has released volume 21 of their widely acknowledged publication series with Universitätsverlag Winter, Heidelberg. The Comeback of Populism is an essay collection dealing with this very special style of political performance which recently experienced a comeback not only in the U.S., but in Europe and Latin America as well.


From Twitter-populism to right-wing world building, renowned scholars examine the discursive strategies of the phenomenon from an interdisciplinary and transatlantic point of view. Attention is drawn to local forms of populism as well as to global interrelation and outreach. The essays shed  light on the militant rhetoric of exclusion and nativism inherent to populism and work through populism’s simplifications and mystifications. 


We would like to thank John Aldrich, Frank Decker, Akwugo Emejulu, Jürgen Gebhardt, D. Sunshine Hillygus, Michael Hochgeschwender, Donatella Izzo, Michael Oswald, Heike Paul, Sascha Pöhlmann, Ursula Prutsch, Nicole Anna Schneider, Simon Strick, Laura Vorberg, Hans Vorländer, Carlos de la Torre, and Jack Zhou for their contributions.  A special thanks goes to the editors Heike Paul, Jürgen Gebhardt, and Ursula Prutsch.


You can get a copy of The Comeback of Populism (edited by Heike Paul, Ursula Prutsch, and Jürgen Gebhardt) either as a hardcopy, or as an ebook via the website of the Universitätsverlag Winter Heidelberg


You can find more information about the publications of the Bavarian American Academy on our website.