Harvard Post-Graduate Research Fellowship - Report by Julia Rössler

In 2019, I was awarded with the Bavarian American Academy Harvard Post-Graduate Research Fellowship to conduct research in the Harvard Theater Collection in the context of my dissertation project Neomimetic Dramaturgies (WT) which examines the influence of postdramatic theater aesthetics and paradigms in American drama since the early twenty-first century. From late August to late October, I conducted my research and received excellent support and assistance from Professor Martin Puchner and the Department of Theater, Media and Dance.


In addition to my research in the Harvard Theater Collection, I was able to use the extensive digital databases of the Harvard libraries for the performing arts and had the opportunity to get in contact with the director of the Loeb Drama Center which granted me access to a number of video recordings of past performances of the renowned American Repertory Theater, which are directly relevant to my research project.


Overall, the research facilities of Harvard University and the infrastructure offered by the BAA-fellowship (library access, supervision, funding) contributed substantially to further develop my dissertation project.


I am greatly thankful to have had this opportunity to conduct research in the field of literary, theater, and performance studies at Harvard University and to meet experts in the field.

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(Photo: Julia Rössler © Julia Rössler)


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