Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes receives BAA Duke Fellowship 2021


The Bavarian American Academy is happy to award Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes with this year's graduate research fellowships for summer/fall 2021. Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes will have the opportunity to research in different libraries of the Duke Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity and Gender in the Social Sciences and engage in academic exchange.


She will be awarded €2,000  for her travel and accommodation costs. The fellowship is a short time stipend and usually supports the candidate for a stay up to 2 months at Duke University.


Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes is a PhD candidate and Research Associate at the chair of American Studies at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. She is currently working on a dissertation on the media coverage of socio-environmental conflicts on indigenous territories in the Americas. Before coming to FAU, Daniela had worked for several years in international cooperation and development in Latin America. Her research interests include political ecology, social change, Latin American decolonial thoughts, the borderlands, and digital media.


We wish Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes an enlightening stay and good luck for her dissertation.



About Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes

Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes is currently writing her dissertation under the working title Open Veins of Native America: Extractivism, digital media and the ecopolitics of relationality in the coverage of socio-environmental conflicts. Her work focuses on the political, cultural and ontological tensions that converge at the borderlands and which were forged by colonialism and imperialism, particularly in indigenous territories that challenge modern nation-state borderlines at the northern and southern edges of the continent: Anishinabewaki in the Great Lakes region, situated in the borderlands of Canada and the USA, and the Wallmapu in the southern Andes, in the borderlands of Chile and Argentina.


Coming from a comparative Inter-American approach, her dissertation examines traditional and independent media coverage of contemporary conflicts in these regions where extractive capitalism and coloniality continue to be challenged, and how indigenous digital media outlets function as a space for indigenous self-representation and traditional knowledge transfer while also advocating for indigenous political self-determination and cultural sovereignty.


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(Photo: Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes © privat)


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