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Green Together: Virtual School Exchange between Georgia, other regions of the U.S.A., and Bavaria, Germany

School Year 2021/22




Green Together is a free, transatlantic project for U.S. school groups and extracurricular groups who are interested in a virtual exchange with a German partner school group from Bavaria. Green Together is organized by the Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations Amerikahaus, in cooperation with the education initiative Teach About U.S. and the German-American Institute Nürnberg (DAI).  



Going Green – Education for Sustainability is an education materials project offered by Teach About U.S. Environmental protection and sustainability are two topics we believe are excellent topics for students from the U.S.A. and Bavaria to discuss together and exchange ideas about. Together, student groups will create and complete a project related to the environment and sustainability, called a Green Action Plan.



The Action Plan should be completed in each partnering group’s own community in the U.S. and Germany, respectively, but the student groups paired together can collaborate and work together during the entire project duration. That way, students can exchange thoughts, ideas, and best practices across the Atlantic. Not only that, but students will also be able to discuss cultural, scholastic and environmental differences and similarities between their partner groups. This communication and project collaboration will keep the focus on being green together. 



There are many benefits that come with this online exchange. Students on both sides of the Atlantic will:

  • learn about the others‘ country and its current ideas about climate change and environmental policies, as well as their own. The concept of sustainability and awareness about sustainable behavior will also be included.
  • become aware of cultural differences and will hone their intercultural communication skills through personal communications with German or American students of their own age. Stereotypes will also be reevaluated and even disproved.
  • be challenged to create a collaborative project that works for both their home community and their partnering community abroad. This will exercise students‘ critical thinking and question-building skills and foster creativity.
  • develop new friendships and lay the groundwork for long-term school partnerships between Georgia, USA and Bavaria, Germany.



You have complete flexibility and creative control during your participation in this virtual project. You decide how much time you can devote and how elaborate your Green Action Plan will be. There are no limits to the amount of creativity and ideas you and your class can bring to the project! We are happy to provide you with tips for project ideas upon request.



Based on your registration form, we will pair you with a teacher of your best-suited partner group. Additionally, we would love to provide individual support before and during the project through free teacher seminars and free teaching materials. We will also support you in our organizing capacity throughout the project’s duration.



By filling out our registration form and submitting a Green Action Plan with your partner group, you will be put into the running for special distinctions. Submitted projects will also be featured on social media and in U.S. Embassy and Amerikahaus press releases. Further partners may also wish to publish press releases about participating groups and their Green Action Plans.


Have we piqued your interest? We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your registration for Green Together (2.492 KB)! Please download and save form before filling out.


Teach About U.S. is a U.S. Embassy initiative in cooperation with Leuphana Universität Lüneburg and  LIFE e.V. The project is also supported by dai Tübingen


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