Professor Donald E. Pease to receive BAA honorary membership

Our Bavarian American Academy (BAA) is very pleased to announce the nomination of Professor Donald E. Pease of Dartmouth College as an honorary member of our Academy. Professor Pease is an outstanding expert on 19th and 20th century American literature and literary theory and is the founding director of the Futures of American Studies Institute at Dartmouth, which collaborates closely with our Bavarian American Academy. His publications include – among others - Visionary Compacts: American Renaissance Writings in Cultural Context (1987) and The New American Exceptionalism (2009) plus over 100 articles on American and British literature. 


Professor Heike Paul, director of our Bavarian American Academy, notes upon his nomination: “One of the most renowned scholars in the field of American Studies, an authority on American literature and culture, and a staunch transatlantic networker, Professor Pease has kindly supported the BAA with admirable energy, altruistic generosity, and an unwavering commitment to our work and our common cause.”


An inspiring keynote speaker, a dedicated advisor, and the editor of influential and programmatic volumes on the past, present, and future of the field, Professor Pease plays an outstanding role in fostering transatlantic academic exchange. He has opened new paths in American cultural studies for over three decades and is a shining example of scholarship.


Our Bavarian American Academy is deeply honored that Professor Pease has accepted the nomination and is looking forward to welcoming him for the award ceremony at the 19th Interdisciplinary Annual BAA Conference “New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations: Multidisciplinary Approaches“ on July 4, 2019 at the Amerikahaus in Munich.


Please click here for the full conference program.


(Photo: Donald E. Pease © Eli Burakian)