Out now: "New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations"


The Bavarian American Academy (BAA) has released volume 23 of their widely acknowledged publication series with Universitätsverlag Winter, Heidelberg.


The post-World War II order of an Atlantic West based on common values emerged from a complex, conflict-ridden Atlantic history and established itself as a powerful actor in world politics.

New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations critically addresses the topics, processes, and problems of transatlantic relations from a multi-disciplinary angle, and marked by a worldwide pandemic. It thematizes the political, economic, and cultural dimensions from the seventeenth century to today and reflects them in categories of order and disorder, cooperation and conflict, convergence and divergence to get a deeper understanding of the present critical state of transatlanticism: the American retrenchment and the vanishing American vision of ‘world leadership’ in terms of ‘America First’ politics, the respective consequences impacting on the political and military development of the NATO alliance, and the Euro-American relations.


We would like to thank Trevor G. Burnard, Wim Klooster, Mary Nolan, Jana Aresin, Heather Conley, Barbara Hahn, Gale A. Mattox, Tim Büthe for their contributions. A special thanks goes to editors and contributors Jürgen Gebhardt and Stefan Fröhlich.


You can get a copy of New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations (ed. by Jürgen Gebhardt and Stefan Fröhlich) either as a hardcopy or as an ebook via the website of the Universitätsverlag Winter Heidelberg



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(Photo: New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations © Universitätsverlag Winter, Heidelberg)