Video Series "Stories from America"

In our new series Stories from America we invite people living in the Americas to tell us about their daily lives and how they and their community deal with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. We interview people from different places, different professions and different cultural backgrounds about their personal view on the current events and what might be a positive effect for our common future.

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Andrés Morales is a package engineer for GRUMA's Research and Development lab in Nuevó Leon, Mexico.





Joshua Rashaad McFadden is a Visual Artist and Professor from Rochester, New York, USA.





Charlie Wesley is an Associate Professor of English from Buffalo, New York, USA.





Ute Päpke is a Business Consultant and President of the Munich Sister City Association of Cincinnati, Ohio.





Amber Etcheson is an international student recruitment coordinator from Pittsburg, Kansas, USA.





TJ Evans is a retail logistics receiving manager from Perry, Kansas.





Alberto Acosta is an Economist from Quito, Ecuador. // Please note: This video is in German, please turn on subtitles for English version.





Endia Beal is an artist and photographer from North Carolina, USA.





Tony Allen is a visual artist and a film maker from Monterrey, Nuevo Léon, Mexico.





Monica is a trainer for the Department of Defense from Nevada, USA.





Fatima is a structural engineer from Toronto, Canada.





Linda Cunningham is an artist, her wife Sabine is an art historian. They both live in New York City, USA.





Ali Shakil is an Associate Partner at IBM in Toronto, Canada.





Zach is an ER nurse and film student from New York City.





Dr. Jace Saplan is Assistant Professor and Director of Choral Activities at the University of Hawai'i.





Jeremiah DeVore is an ornamental horticulturalist from Columbia, South Carolina.





Julia is an aspiring tattoo artist and a barista at Starbucks and her fiancé Tim is a manufacturing engineer. They live in Peoria, Illinois.





Esther Tuttle is a student majoring in Native American Studies, first-time mother and member of the Oglala Lakota Nation from Montana.





Michelle is a yoga instructor and health & wellness life coach from Osage City, Kansas.





Martha Schoolman is a Literature Professor at Florida International University in Miami, USA. Outside of her work, she volunteers with her local Democratic party.





Amica was working as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Taiwan when the Corona pandemic hit. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.





Heather is a behavioral health specialist from Maui, Hawai'i. She is working with students who have individualized education plans (IEPs).





Lindsey is a High School Teacher (AP World History, World History) and Chad is a Professor of Law in St. Louis, Missouri.





Stephanie is a pediatric travel nurse from San Diego, California.





Pete Bachfischer is a high school German teacher in Illinois, USA.





Jim Price is the Executive Director for the non-profit organization Amity Institute in San Diego, California.





Dan is a teacher and high school band director in Spring Hill, Kansas.






Vanessa is a middle school Spanish teacher in Los Angeles, California.





Kathryn is a performing musician, freelance videographer/editor and barista/bartender from Kansas City, Kansas.





Megan Spencer is a full-time MBA student at the University of Texas.





John Spencer is the President and General Manager of Starved Rock Media, Inc., a U.S. broadcasting company based in Oglesby, Illinois.