This workshop accompanies the Hackathon "In Code We Trust: Responsible Innovation for a Flourishing Society" organized by the Amerikahaus - Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations


Registration via email: hackathon@amerikahaus.de

Workshop: What's a Minimal Viable Product?

This event takes places via Zoom / Registration via email


Workshop via Zoom. Please register by sending an email to hackathon@amerikahaus.de.


This is the last in a series of three workshops hosted by UnternehmerTUM / Digital Product School.


There are a lot of myths and stories about the Minimal Viable Product (MVP). In this session, we discuss why you should build one and what you get once you release it.


Organizers: Amerikahaus München, UnternehmerTUM / Digital Product School


Contact: Dr. Markus Faltermeier


(Picture: Hackathon (c) Amerikahaus and U.S. Consulate General Munich)


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