Our Literary Circle discusses a different book each month. You can drop by regularly or you can join us for only one evening. Mark Olival-Bartley leads the discussion.

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"Wanderlust: A History of Walking" by Rebecca Solnit

Literary Circle / The session will be held online / Contact bibliothek@amerikahaus.de to get more information

Please note: The session will be held online. Register at bibliothek@amerikahaus.de


Drawing together many histories—from anatomical evolution to city design, from treadmills to labyrinths, from walking clubs to sexual mores—Rebecca Solnit creates a fascinating portrait of the range of possibilities presented by walking. Arguing that such a history includes walking for pleasure as well as for political, aesthetic, and social meaning, Solnit focuses on both pedestrian and extreme walkers, exploring how their ambulatory passions have singularly shaped our culture. 


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Organizers: Amerikahaus Verein, Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations



(Photo: ©Amerikahaus München)


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