Do you enjoy reading books in English? Our Literary Circle discusses a different book each month. You can drop by regularly or you can join us for only one evening. Mark Olival-Bartley leads the discussion. Free admission.

"The Big Sea: An Autobiography" by Langston Hughes

Literary Circle / Free admission


Born in 1902, Langston Hughes came of age in the early 1920s and worked on a ship traveling for six months through West Africa and Europe, where he disembarked for an extended stay. The Big Sea is his memoir of those memorable years in the two great playgrounds of that decade, Harlem and Paris.  In Paris, he was a cook and waiter in nightclubs, where knew all the musicians and dancers (as well as the drunks and dope fiends).  Later, in Manhattan, from these European experiences, he found his voice to become the young poet whose work would nourish the heart and soul of the Harlem Renaissance.


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