Our Literary Circle discusses a different book each month. You can drop by regularly or you can join us for only one evening. Mark Olival-Bartley leads the discussion.

"Grendel" by John Gardner

Literary Circle / The session will be held online / Contact bibliothek@amerikahaus.de to get more information

Please note: The session will be held online. Register at bibliothek@amerikahaus.de


The first and most terrifying monster in English literature, Grendel tells his own side of the story in this book that is frequently banned in the United States (yet a staple on college reading lists). This brilliant retelling of the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf follows Grendel as he learns about how humans wage war. John Gardner, a medievalist, artfully seeds this postmodern novella with existential kernels of concern that include both the philosophical search for meaning amid a world of dubious good and the workings of language in a timeless tale whose power is redoubled by the echoes of intertextuality.


Want to read this month’s Literary Circle book choice and enjoy using an e-reader? You can download Grendel for free when you join our eBook Club! See here for more information about how to sign up and access hundreds of gratis books and audiobooks!  


Organizers: Amerikahaus Verein, Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations



(Photo: Grendel © M. Olival-Bartley)


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