Exclusive preview of the 2018 Toronto Film Festival People's Choice Award winner "Green Book" (OV with subtitles. 

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"Green Book - Eine besondere Freundschaft" (OV with subtitles)

Film screening (OV with subtitles) / Venue: HFF Munich, Bernd-Eichinger Platz 1, Munich / Free admission / Registration is mandatory


University of Television and Film Munich (HFF)

Bernd-Eichinger-Platz 1

80333 Munich

It’s 1962 and the exceptionally gifted piano player Dr. Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) is going  on a concert tour from New York down to the South. His driver is the Italian-American Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen), an ordinary man from the working class who earns a living doing occasional jobs and working as a bouncer. They could not be more different. Nevertheless, a close friendship develops between the two of them. Together they experience a time characterized by violence and racial segregation, but simultaneously by humor and human kindness. Thus, they have to plan their journey according to the Negro Motorist Green Book, a guide book for African-American motorists which lists the few accommodations and restaurants that will also serve black guests.



Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali play the leading roles in Green Book. The movie depicts the common journey of two different men - who go through thick and thin together and thus become good friends - in a way that is both delightfully comical and deeply moving. Director Peter Farrelly (There’s Something About Mary, The Heartbreak Kid) authentically portrays in his true-to-life tragicomedy, based on real events, an impressive journey in turbulent times. 

Cinema Release: 01/31/2019; eOne Germany film distribution

Greeting: Prof. Dr. Heike Paul, Bavarian American Academy (BAA)

Introduction: Tim Moeck (University of Television and Film Munich (HFF)

Organizer: Bavarian American Academy in cooperation with eOne Germany and HFF Munich

(Photo: ©Entertainment One)


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