Get together with other students interested in the U.S. and Canada and hear from those who have been there!



Culture Smash: Share Your Stories

Attendance is free / CANCELED



Do you have questions about life in the USA or Canada? Are you considering going abroad, but would like to hear about the experiences of someone who has already done it? Have you already been abroad and want to relive some of your favourite moments? Or maybe you yourself are American or Canadian and are looking for a bit of home?


Then Culture Smash is the place for you! This is your chance to hang out with students interested in the U.S. or Canada; to hear about their time abroad, to share your own tips on how to best survive culture shock and find your place in a new city - and hopefully be entertained as well. So grab something to drink and to snack on and make a new friend or two!


A few speakers, either Germans who have been abroad or natives who find themselves in Germany, will share photos and tell a few stories that highlight what they loved about their time abroad. This is just to get the ball rolling - there will be plenty of time to chat with others about their experiences, share your own stories, and meet others with a passion for North America.


Are your friends sick of you starting every sentence with “when I was in the U.S. …” or are you an American or Canadian anxious to talk about your hometown? Contact us at austausch@amerikahaus.de to speak at our next event!


Not able to make this event? No worries! Culture Smash will happen again on Thursday, July 9, 2019.


Organizer: Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations


Contact: Ines Jaehnert


(Photo: ©Jane War)


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