The BAA continually awards scholarships to graduate researchers at Bavarian universities. These scholarships are meant to support current research, especially doctoral theses concerning North America. The grant shall be used for travel expenses to North America in the context of the research.

Scholarship Money

A single support amount up to €1,000.

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Graduates with a MA, not earned more than three years ago, working on a thesis research project (PhD) whose thesis deals with the United States, Canada, or inter-American questions within the cultural or social sciences such as

  • literary studies
  • linguistics
  • history
  • political sciences
  • sociology
  • cultural geography
  • economics
  • law
  • theology

Note that scholarships from other sources do not disqualify you to apply for the BAA scholarship.

There is no deadline for the Post-Graduate Scholarship. You can apply any time throughout the year. With the agreement of the executive director, the scholarship may be available immediately after the assignment.

The application form is available at the BAA or as a PDF download (222 KB).

  • Add a short CV,
  • an informative description of your thesis/research project (max. 5 pages),
  • a short description of aims to achieve during scholarship, and
  • an expert opinion of your doctoral advisor.

Your application documents must be sent to the Bavarian American Academy as a single PDF-file.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

The scholarship holders are required to submit a brief report on their work progress to the BAA upon completion of the grant.

  • Length: 3 to 5 pages
  • Report on research questions and results of research, such as sources that provided new insights, information from contacts that were new, etc.
  • Mention of the various institutions where research was conducted (Libraries, Special Collections, etc.) and what sources emerged
  • Naming of interview partners and the like  

All fellows are invited to keep in touch with the Academy.

Dr. Christoph Straub

Managing Director Bavarian American Academy


089 55 25 37-42

Jasmin Falk

Administrative Assistant
Bavarian American Academy


+49 89 552537-41