Amerikahaus Building © Leonhard Simon

Amerikahaus Association

The Amerikahaus Association was established in 1972 as "Friends of the Amerikahaus" in order to promote the activities of the Amerikahaus in Munich. After the American embassy closed down the cultural institute in 1997, the club took over the planning and realization of all events (lectures, readings, discussions and discussion groups, theatrical performances, concerts, exhibitions) in the newly-founded Bavarian-American Center (BAC) in the Amerikahaus. In 1999, it was renamed "Amerikahaus Association".

By March 2004, the Amerikahaus Association and numerous company sponsors helped shape and execute the extensive program of the Amerikahaus, thereby ensuring that it would continue to play an important part in Munich's cultural life.

In the spring of 2004, the company sponsors continued funding the BAC, which took over the programming task. For that reason, the Amerikahaus Association reverted to its original task of being a friend and supporter of the house.

The Association continues to promote events at the Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations on contemporary issues concerning the relationship between Germany and America. It also supports theater performances in the English language, readings, concerts, and art exhibitions as well as events that offer insights into developments in America's foreign, domestic and economic politics. Additionally, it supports the department of Information and Research, Library at the Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations with its research and information facility, and the Amerikahaus Literary Circle.

Photo: Amerikahaus Building © Leonhard Simon

Members of the board of the Amerikahaus Association

Left to right: Uschi Koethe (Board Member), Antonia Heigl (Director), Mark Olival-Bartley (Board Member), Rita Roider (Deputy Director), Birgit Köhler (Board Member), Stefan Mayr (Treasurer)