Students of Indiana University Bloomington and Augsburg University at Amerikahaus ©Amerikahaus München

Together for more political Engagement

A democracy thrives on the political participation of the people. But those who live abroad are often less interested in shaping politics in their home country through their vote. The joint course "Enhancing the Political Engagement of Americans Living in Germany" from the Indiana University Bloomington and the University of Augsburg focused on this issue.

As part of this seminar, the German-American group with students from both universities came to the Amerikahaus on March 14, 2023, to meet with a representative of Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG). DAG has long advocated for Americans abroad to exercise their right to vote.

We at Amerikahaus were pleased that not only did a group of German and American students come together at the house, but also worked enthusiastically on the important issue of strengthening democracy.

Photo: Students from Indiana University Bloomington and Augsburg University at Amerikahaus ©Amerikahaus München