Information for visitors

Visiting our exhibitions and events is currently possible without access control. Wearing a mask (medical or FFP2) at Amerikahaus is currently not mandatory, but is still recommended.
For the individual departments, please note our current information on our corona protection measures. Please refrain from visiting if you feel unwell or have cold or flu-like symptoms.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.

'Stay Safe' © Nelly Antoniadou,

Current COVID-19 regulations

The opening of the Amerikahaus and its exhibit areas depends on the regulations communicated by the Free State of Bavaria. If you want to visit Amerikahaus, neither the 3G, nor the 2G rule applies. You do not need to show a valid test result or vaccination certificate.

Wearing a mask (medical or FFP2) at Amerikahaus is currently not mandatory, but we still recommend it in order to protect your health and the health of other visitors and staff. Please refrain from visiting the Amerikahaus if you feel unwell or have cold- or flu-like symptoms .

Your health and the health of other visitors and staff are very important to us! For this reason, we kindly ask that you follow the health and safety instructions regarding the current Corona pandemic. Depending on which area of the Amerikahaus you wish to visit, please click below and read the instructions and information:

Research Center
Education and Exchange

Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding. 

Photo: © Nelly Antoniadou,

Access to Amerikahaus is currently not limited to those who are tested, vaccinated or recovered. 

Opening hours

The Amerikahaus and its exhibition is open Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The exhibition is closed on Sundays, as well as on public holidays.

What to expect upon arrival at Amerikahaus:
•  A touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is available for your convenience at the entrance.
•  Wearing a mask (medical or FFP2) at Amerikahaus is currently not mandatory, but still recommended.
•  Please obey all signage, including those on the floor, and use only the allowed entrances and exits (also marked).

In-person indoor events and meetings are allowed. 

All participants must adhere to the following rules:

  • Wearing a mask (medical or FFP2) at Amerikahaus is currently not mandatory, but still recommended.

You can read up on our current events in the event section.

Research Center Rules and Policy during the Corona Pandemic:

Visitors should be aware of the following in the research center area:

  • Wearing a mask (medical or FFP2) at Amerikahaus is currently not mandatory, but still recommended.
  • Visitors must follow all posted signage and floor markings at Amerikahaus.
  • Eating is not allowed during visits to the Amerikahaus. Water in transparent containers is allowed at the workstations in the Information & Research center.

Please note that we can only allow research centers visitors with confirmed registration. 

About registration:

Please register by sending an email at or via telephone at +49 89 55 25 37 20. Upon registration, you are assuring that:

  • you do not have symptoms associated with COVID-19 or are a contact person to someone who is actually infected
  • you will adhere to the house rules
  • you acknowledge that you enter the Amerikahaus at your own risk
  • you comply with the house rules, including hygiene measures, provided that you otherwise have to leave the Amerikahaus immediately.

General information about your registration:

  • Visitors must sign up for an research appointment at least two workdays in advance, and are only allowed into the Amerikahaus at the confirmed time and must check in at the front desk.
  • Unregistered guests are not allowed.
  • Your appointment confirmation is non-transferable and is only active for the registered time/date.
  • We prioritize reservations from school and university students with North America-related research projects.
  • The workstations and communal areas of the library are regularly disinfected. Visitors should only use one workstation; switching to another desk is not allowed.
  • The Research Center has separate hours of operation. Reservations are possible from Monday to Friday, 2 to 6 p.m.

Advising via Phone and Email
You can, of course, ask us your questions in an email or over the phone. You can reach us on the phone Mo-Tu, 2-5p p.m. at +49 (0) 89 55 25 37-17.

Checking out Books
The education & exchange books can be borrowed. You are welcome to browse through our list of books yourself, take a seat in our research center or put together your own copies to borrow. Just let us know in advance via email or phone when you would like visit us, so that we can show you around. Furthermore, you can also use our standard book lending service for your preparations for your stay abroad.

1. Here you can view a list of Education & Exchange books.
2. Let us know via email up to 3 titles that you would like to check out and on what day you are planning to pick them up.

  • We will let you know if the books are available and suggest alternatives should they already be on loan. We will also inform you about possible timeslots to get your books on your preferred day of pick-up.
  • Let us know which timeslot fits best and we will reserve it for you to pick up your books.
  • If you are using our book loan services for the first time, fill out the checkout form directly at pick-up.
  • The maximum loan period cannot exceed 4 weeks. Please schedule a new appointment with us to return your books.