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Last Update October 9, 2020

Library Rules and Policy during the Corona Pandemic:

The Amerikahaus Library has developed the following health and safety measures for all visitors and staff. Please note that as the laws and policies regarding the Corona pandemic change, so too will the policies in place for visiting the Amerikahaus library. The current rules have been developed in adherence to the "siebte Bayerische Infektionsschutzmaßnahmenverordnung (7. BayIfSMV) vom 01. Oktober 2020".


Visitors should be aware of the following in the library:

  • A mouth-and-nose covering is required in all areas of the Amerikahaus.
  • Visitors and staff in the library should maintain a distance of 1.5m (approx. 6 ft.) from all other people at all times.
  • Signage and floor markings are there for your safety and should be adhered to at all times.
  • Visitors are only allowed in the areas marked as such.
  • Eating is not allowed during visits to the Amerikahaus. Water in transparent containers is allowed at the work stations in the library.
  • Visitors to the library must sign up for an appointment at least two workdays in advance, and are only allowed into the Amerikahaus at the confirmed time. After receiving confirmation, library visitors should first check in at the reception desk and follow directions directly to the library. Unregistered guests are not allowed.
  • Your appointment confirmation is non-transferrable and is only active for the registered time/date.
  • The work stations and communal areas of the library are regularly disinfected. Visitors should only use one work station; switching to another desk is not allowed.
  • You may only remove your mask-and-nose covering while sitting at your work station. More details about that can be found on the information sheet at each work station.

Please note that we can only allow library visitors with a confirmed registration. You will find the registration form here.

Information about registering:

  • Your registration must be submitted at least two workdays in advance.
  • Books must also be ordered in advance with your registration. You may order up to ten titles. Have a look at our catalogue here.
  • Library visitors are allowed to stay up to 4 hours (1-5 p.m.) on their confirmed research day.
  • Groups and companions are not allowed. Each individual must submit their own form and register separately, and every individual must maintian social distance during the visit. A maximum of 7 persons are allowed to research in the library per day.

How your visit to the Amerikahaus library will look like:

  • Check-in at the reception desk, then take the stairs in the foyer up to the library. Place any personal belongings at the labeled work station and thoroughly wash your hands (30 seconds) at the sink. Read the information sheet at your work station, then you may begin.
  • Follow rules for social distance and mouth-and-nose coverings. Only use the marked work station and do not switch places.
  • Visitors are required to stay in the library or public restrooms areas only. A visit to other areas of the Amerikahaus is not allowed unless you are given explicit permission from an Amerikahaus staff member.
  • Follow all signage and floor markings in the library, and do not touch any of the books on shelves.
  • To use the copier, please inform Amerikahaus staff that you would like to print. More information can be found on the information sheet. Printing and copying costs €0.10/sheet and can only be paid in cash. Correct change is appreciated.
  • Every research appointment can last up to 4 hours. After you have finished your research, please let an Amerikahaus employee know and follow any directions they give you about books, hygene or safety.

You can download the registration form here
. Please return the completed form to