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Canadian Settler Colonial Studies

Friday, January 20, 2023, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Participation in this seminar takes place online in a closed Zoom room. 

This seminar for teachers focuses on the growing field of settler colonial studies, specifically highlighting Canada’s past and present relations to its colonial roots. It covers social and political debates regarding (de)colonization and how these inform more recent Canadian literature and culture and identity-building processes in general. A close, interactive look at potential classroom materials will round off the seminar, leading into an open discussion.

09:00     Theory (terminology, field of study): What is settler colonial studies?
09:45     A brief history of settler colonialism in Canada
10:15     Guidelines for teaching settler colonial studies
10:30     Coffee break
11:00     Intersection of race and settler colonialism
11:30     Land and relationality (environmental humanities perspective)
12:00     Literature/Culture and Indigeneity (decolonial perspective) – interpretation of REDress Project by Jaime Black
12:30     Decolonizing the syllabus – close reading of The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline
13:00     Open discussion
14:00     End

Speaker: Dr. Sladja Blazan, Universität Würzburg
Registration fee: € 10 per teacher seminar

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Photo: ©Rohit Tandon / unsplash.com

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Dr. Sladja Blazan

PD Dr. phil. Sladja Blazan is currently a guest professor for Literature at Bard College Berlin. After studying American Studies, Linguistics and Communcations in Berlin, Dublin and New York, she received her doctorate from Humboldt University in Berlin and completed her post-doctorate in American Studies at the University of Würzburg. Recently, her study Haunted Nature: Entanglements of the Human and the Nonhuman (Palgrave 2021) was published.

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