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Statue of Liberty on a partly cloudy day ©Avi Werde / unsplash.com

USA Update 2022: A House Divided

Freitag, 25. November 2022, 9-14 Uhr

This seminar will take place in-person. An alternative option to participate actively online is possible.

Nearly two years have passed since Joe Biden’s inauguration as president, and the 2022 midterm elections on November 8 have altered the make-up of Congress. In light of this, where does the United States stand? What administrative and legislative reforms have the Biden administration brought about and what changes are on the horizon considering the new members of Congress?

This seminar will look at central topics of American politics such as international relations and economic policy, as well as perennial issues like immigration and racial justice. Was the Democratic Party doomed to lose the congressional midterm elections a few weeks ago? And are there any signs of the Republican Party growing more independent of Donald Trump?

As usual, satirical cartoons and videos will provide comic relief on these often dark and serious issues.

09:00 The end and legacy of the Trump presidency
09:45 Foreign Policy Priorities and Challenges for the Biden Administration
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Domestic Priorities and Challenges for the Biden Administration
12:00 Midterm Elections, Local Politics and their Implications for the United States
13:00 Open Discussion
14:00 End

Registration fee: € 10. Active participation is possible in-person or digitally.

Please register via our registration form (below) or online via FIBS.
FIBS: Stiftung Bayerisches Amerikahaus gGmbH

Photo: ©Avi Werde / unsplash.com

©Markus Hünemörder

About the lecturer

Dr. Markus Hünemörder ist Lehrbeauftragter und Studienberater an der LMU München. Sein Interessensgebiet ist die amerikanische politische Kultur. Durch sein fundiertes Expertenwissen bringt Dr. Hünemörder dem Publikum wichtige US-Themen nahe, mit angemessenem Humor und satirischem Kulturgut. 

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