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Scene from the movie "I Am A Woman Now" by Michiel van Erp ©CAT & DOCS

Film Screening and Talk: "I Am A Woman Now"

Friday, July 15, 2022, 7 p.m.

Director Michiel van Erp’s documentary portrays five aged transgender women, the first generation of pioneers who had their gender-confirming surgery in Casablanca back in the 1950s to 1970s. They all were treated by the same “miracle doctor”, Georges Burou. As long as the trans women paid, there were no pre-conditions, no questions asked at his clinic.

The film follows five women in their present life. The famous French Bambi who was one of the first to go to Casablanca. The Belgian Corinne who finally tells her friend her big secret. The Dutch Colette who lived the life of an ordinary married housewife. The flamboyant British April who gets to meet the son of Dr. Burou. The German Jean who struggled with her gender identity her whole life. In the autumn of their lives, they are looking back.

Do these pioneers feel they've become themselves and did it give them the fulfillment in life they expected?

I Am A Woman Now (NL 2011, 80 min.) is a film about the pursuit of an almost unattainable dream, about the gap between its realization and the hard reality that sometimes follows.

Alex Bakker, one of the curators of the exhibition TransTrans – Transatlantic Transgender Histories, will make a short introduction to the documentary and is available for a Q&A session following the screening.

The event is a part of TransVision. This series of events includes the exhibitions "TransTrans: Transatlantic Transgender Histories" and "TransMünchen: Geschichte und Gegenwart Münchner Trans*Menschen" as well as a diverse range of event formats accompanying the exhibitions.
Click here for more information on TransVision.

Free admission. No registration required.

Photo: Scene from the movie "I Am A Woman Now" by Michiel van Erp ©CAT & DOCS

Alex Bakker ©Kleur

About Alex Bakker

Alex Bakker is a freelance historian from the Netherlands. As a writer and curator, he specializes in transgender history. His work includes non-fiction literature, historical monographies, exhibitions, and documentaries. 

Film poster "I Am A Woman Now" by Michiel van Erp ©CAT DOCS


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