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HINWEIS: Aufgrund des Jugend hackt-Hackathons ist das Amerikahaus am Freitag, den 02. Dezember 2022 ab 18 Uhr und am Samstag, den 03. Dezember 2022 ganztägig geschlossen.

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Digital Influencer Forum – Fostering Social Change through Digital Advocacy

Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 7 p.m.

In its second year, Transatlantic Innovation Week 2022 (TIW22) is organized by the U.S. Embassy and U.S. Consulates in Germany and is a week of digital and hybrid events highlighting German-American leadership in innovation as well as specific annual themes. The theme of this year's TIW22 is Partnerships for Our Planet and focuses on sustainability and the importance of green innovation.

As part of TIW22, U.S. Consulate General Munich, in cooperation with Amerikahaus, is organizing a Digital Influencers Forum. The forum seeks to spark discussion and critical thinking around sustainability and social media. An expert panel consisting of German and U.S. "Eco-leaders" from various fields (sustainable brands, green influencers, activists/NGO reps) who actively promote/support social change, climate protection, and sustainable living through their work on digital platforms, will set the stage for the discussion.

The topic of the event is "Fostering Social Change through Digital Advocacy" and raises the question: How does advocacy on these platforms contribute to sustainable social change? Incorporating a truly transatlantic exchange of experiences, the event will highlight different perspectives and bring influencers as well as users together to contemplate responsible social media.

Picture: © Sergey Nivens / fotolia.com

This event will take place in a hybrid format.

Register here for the in-person event at Amerikahaus:

Watch the YouTube livestream here:

John D. Trybus © Georgetown University

Professor John D. Trybus, Ph.D.

Professor John D. Trybus, Ph.D., is Executive Director at Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication. He is a story scientist on a mission to help change-makers around the world create and tell more effective stories that bring their missions and visions to life. He leads Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication, a social impact research and action hub, in Washington, D.C. Prior to academia, Dr. Trybus’ work spanned sectors in pursuit of making impact. He served as the traveling advisor to famous scientist Dr. Jane Goodall, as a strategist at the British Embassy, and as a social innovation consultant at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide working on corporate social responsibility projects for brands such as Tiffany & Co., L’Oreal Paris and Coca-Cola. A highly sought-after keynote speaker and trainer, he has collaborated with hundreds of impact-focused organizations including IBM, Knight Foundation, National Public Radio, Smithsonian, United Way and the U.S. Department of State. Learn more about his work at www.johntrybus.com.

Grünphase Podcast Cover, Hannah Heinzinger und Raphaela Naomi Heinzl © Max Hofstetter, BR

Raphaela Naomi Heinzl & Hannah Heinzinger

Hosts of Grünphase – the Sustainability Podcast

Raphaela Naomi Heinzl was actually once a car salesperson – so anything but environmentally friendly! For her, Grünphase is a 180-degree turnaround: Together with the listeners of Grünphase, she wants to find out how leading a sustainable life actually works. She approaches this task with the motto “nobody's perfect, failure is allowed!” 

Hannah Heinzinger is far from being an environmental professional. She has not eaten meat in more than 10 years, but in everyday life, sustainability still does not really seem to work out. Nevertheless, Hannah is curious and wants to learn new things! It is no coincidence that she is in heart and soul a journalist and has been working in various editorial departments for several years.

Grünphase – der Sustainability Podcast (PULS, Bavarian Rundfunk, German public broadcaster in Bavaria):  The two hosts want to take away their listeners' fear of contact and the guilty conscience that is often felt on the subject of sustainability by showing how a sustainable lifestyle can be implemented simply and with reasonable effort. Grünphase is the new sustainability podcast from PULS, BR's young content network, in cooperation with funk, the online-content network of ARD and ZDF. Via the Instagram channel @gruenphase_podcast, Hannah and Raphi engage in an active exchange with their community, providing informative facts, inside quotes, guidance and Q&As around the sustainability challenges. https://www.br.de/puls/programm/podcasts/gruenphase-nachhaltigkeit-podcast-100.html

Anja Paolucci © JoergFrays

Anja Paolucci

Anja Paolucci has been active at FridaysForFuture since November 2019. The focus of her work at FridaysForFuture (FFF) lies in the development and preparation of content, as well as press relations and campaign planning. In addition, she is currently completing a voluntary ecological year at the Umweltinstitut München (Environmental Institute Munich).

The FFF local group is one of the first German local groups of the international climate movement and has been demonstrating for faster and more radical climate protection since December 2018. Over the course of its 3-year existence, it has brought thousands of people onto the streets, such as on Sept. 25, 2021, when nearly 30,000 people demonstrated on Königsplatz for more climate protection.  fridaysforfuturemuenchen.

Theresa Thein @ privat

Theresa Thein

Theresa Thein, Social Media Manager at RECUP, studied communication science in Bamberg, Northern Bavaria (Franconia). After her master’s degree, she worked as a public relations consultant for a PR agency in Munich with focus on food and sustainability. Since July 2019, she is the Social Media Manager at RECUP, which is the biggest reusable deposit system in Germany for to-go and take-away packaging. On Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, she provides the online community facts about the deposit system, the RECUP team, news about the company and sustainability topics.

RECUP: The company, founded in September 2016 by Fabian Eckert and Florian Pachaly, offers a simple, attractive and sustainable alternative to disposable packaging with the Germany-wide returnable deposit system RECUP and REBOWL. The circular deposit system is based on 100% reusable containers: RECUP on to-go cups and REBOWL on take-away bowls. At more than 11,100 dispensing and return points throughout Germany in the form of cafés, restaurants, bakeries, kiosks, company canteens and gas stations, the reusable cups and reusable bowls can be borrowed and returned against a deposit. Test phases are also already underway with various providers in the food delivery sector. The aim of the company, which has been awarded with the “Blauer Engel” seal by the federal government, is to make disposable packaging unnecessary, to further promote social awareness of the topic of packaging waste and to encourage people to rethink general consumer behavior. More at www.recup.de, www.rebowl.de

Andrea Lindner

Moderation: Andrea Lindner

Andrea Lindner lives and works in Munich and around the world. She is a presenter in front of the camera, on stage and digitally. As a podcaster, speaker and radio journalist, she works behind the microphone or on the road as a trainer and workshop leader. She is a trained journalist (German School of Journalism), studied psychology and continues to work for print and online media.
Her mission is to inspire people, impart knowledge and arouse curiosity - wether for sustainability, social media, IT security, body language, books or food waste.
In fact, she would love to try a new job every day. Through moderating and her work as a journalist and trainer, she can slip into new roles and new topics every day. It's her dream job! https://andrea-lindner.de


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