The international academic conference "Playing the Field: Video Games and American Studies" takes place at the Amerikahaus from April 26 - April 29, 2018. No conference fee and no need for registration - all are welcome. 

"Playing the Field: Video Games and American Studies"

International Academic Conference / No registration needed / No conference fee


Video games have now developed into a cultural industry that is arguably the most important force in American popular culture today. This international academic conference is the first in Germany to addresses this subject from the distinct perspective of American Studies, with the aim of applying its highly diverse toolbox of theoretical and practical approaches to video games, while also inquiring how the games themselves affect and change these theories and methods in turn.

The symposium opens with an evening keynote lecture by Mark J.P. Wolf, followed by 27 individual papers over the course of three days that comprise a wide variety of topics, such as urbanity, hacking, utopia and dystopia, wilderness, exceptionalism, terrorism, agency, imperialism, enslavement, geography, placemaking, space, the Western, narrative role-playing, cultural history, mobility, metatextuality, novelistic fiction, ecology, the anthropocene, documentary film, counterfactual history, nonverbal gameplay, glitches, and art history.

The full program is available online at: www.amerikanistik-uni-muenchen.de/ptf

Sponsored by the Bavarian American Academy, the German Association for American Studies, and the U.S. Embassy.

There is no conference fee and no need for prior registration. All are welcome!


(Photo: ©Amerika-Institut LMU München)


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