This event will take place live at the Amerikahaus as well as via YouTube livestream. If you like to participate at the Amerikahaus, registration is mandatory.

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"Four Years After: Ethnonationalism, Antisemitism and Racism in Trump’s America"

Book presentation and discussion / If you would like to attend the live event at Amerikahaus, online registration is required: https://www.xing-events.com/fouryearsafter.html

Please note: 

This event will take place both live at the Amerikahaus as well as virtually via YouTube livestream.

If you would like to attend the live event at Amerikahaus, online registration is required. Click here to register.

There is no registration necessary for the YouTube livestream. Link to follow soon.


This event is part of our event series US-Wahlen 2020


During the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, questions on race, discrimination, and ethno-nationalisms have been gaining importance in the American political, social and cultural discourse. Racism and Antisemitism have been tolerated and encouraged by the current administration’s policies and actions, from the so called “Muslim ban”, through constant demands for building a “wall” on the Mexico-American border and by openly calling the neo-Nazi marchers in Charlotteville “good people”, down to the violent events following the killing of George Floyd. All this, alongside the COVID19 pandemic, has dramatically altered the social and political climate in the USA, though the roots of these changes reach deep into the American past.


The aim of this volume – which is published by the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism, the Amerikahaus München, the Bavarian American Academy (BAA) and the Center for Research on Antisemitism at the Technical University Berlin – is to evaluate these developments in comparative perspective, analyze their origins and discuss their possible impact on our global future. With contributions by Roger Cohen, Linda Gordon, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Ursula Prutsch and others.


On this evening, the editors Noam Zadoff, Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, Mirjam Zadoff and Heike Paul will present the book and talk about four years of Donald Trump's presidency and the outcome of the U.S. elections on November 3, 2020.




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(Photo: Buchcover This Is America_Photo by ©Joe Ybarra_EyeEm_Getty Images)


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