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Registered participants will receive the link to the event on July 7th.

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BAA Conference 2021: Rethinking Solidarity

International Conference / Free, but registration is required at info@amerika-akademie.de / Link to event via email


20th international annual conference of the Bavarian American Academy (BAA)



Please note: the 2021 conference will be held online.

No conference fee - please register for participation at info@amerika-akademie.de

The link to the event will be sent out to registered participants a day prior to the beginning of the conference, on July 7th.



Over the last decades, U.S. society has witnessed dramatic clashes between the claims of individualism and the values of community and citizenry. Despite social movements such as Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and Fridays for Future, the idea of solidarity – relying on republican ideals of social cohesion, religious traditions, and the notion of the public good – appears to have lost traction in the U.S. and beyond.


In light of these developments, the conference sets out to “rethink solidarity.” This entails interrogating the political, cultural, economic, and environmental dimensions of solidarity as well as addressing solidarity in the context of democracy, including current crisis scenarios and the recurrence of populist imaginaries. In a transnational context, it involves asking how far discourses of globalization undermine bonds of solidarity. Can there be a “global solidarity”? Finally, it implies re-examining the mechanisms and ideological operations that interpellate individuals into subject positions marked by solidarity attachments or obligations.

The conference expands the existing research on solidarity from theoretical vantage points such as affect studies and ecocriticism as it brings together scholars from the social sciences and from literary and cultural studies. It seeks to contribute to a nuanced theoretical understanding of solidarity and its genealogies and to discuss how solidarity can be imagined, conceptualized, and practiced within and beyond national settings.




Follow the hashtag #baaconference2021 and our social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates and more information.


Organizer: Bavarian American Academy


Generously supported by the DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft


Graphic: ©shutterstock.com


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