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Ihre Gesundheit und die anderer Besucher*innen sowie die unserer Mitarbeiter*innen sind uns wichtig. Wir bitten Sie daher, während Ihres Besuches eine Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung zu tragen. Bitte beachten Sie auch die aktuellen Hinweise zu unseren Corona-Schutzmaßnahmen. Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Mithilfe und Ihr Verständnis.

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Die Bayerische Amerika-Akademie

Die Bayerische Amerika-Akademie (BAA) dient der Förderung der amerika-bezogenen Forschung und der Interaktion von Wissenschaft und Kultur, Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft. Primäre Gegenstandsregion sind die USA; im Rahmen interdisziplinärer und interregionaler Forschungsaktivitäten ist darüber hinaus die Einbeziehung von Kanada, Lateinamerika und der Karibik wesentlicher Bestandteil der Akademiearbeit.




In der BAA arbeiten bayerische Wissenschaftler*innen aus einem breiten Spektrum von kultur- und gesellschaftswissenschaftlichen Disziplinen zusammen, die sich mit entsprechenden Fragestellungen beschäftigen und deren Kompetenzen und Ressourcen in der BAA gebündelt werden.

L. Sasha Gora received the BAA Dissertation Award 2021

Dissertation prize recipient Sasha Gora © Amerikahaus Munich

Our board and director, Prof. Dr. Heike Paul, would like to congratulate this year’s dissertation award recipient, L. Sasha Gora, on her outstanding scholarly work.


L. Sasha Gora tackled the subject of "Culinary Claims: A Cultural History of Indigenous Restaurants in Canada ". A mix of environmental history and food studies, "Culinary Claims" uses cuisine to write about the history of social and political issues regarding cultural representation, restaurants, and food sovereignty.


The dissertation award comes with a 1,500€ prize.


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(Photo: L. Sasha Gora ©Amerikahaus Munich)

20th Interdisciplinary Annual BAA Conference “Rethinking Solidarity“ July 8–9, 2021


This year's International BAA Conference will take place online from July 8 to July 9, 2021.


The conference expands the existing research on solidarity from theoretical vantage points such as affect studies and ecocriticism as it brings together scholars from the social sciences and from literary and cultural studies. It seeks to contribute to a nuanced theoretical understanding of solidarity and its genealogies and to discuss how solidarity can be imagined, conceptualized, and practiced within and beyond national settings.


Keynote speakers

July 8, 7 p.m.: Pippa Norris (Harvard University): "The Two Faces of Trust (aka the Cautionary Fable of the Frog and the Scorpion)"

July 9, 7 p.m.: Aleida Assmann (University of Konstanz): "Repairing the Past: Divided Narratives and National Solidarity"


Organizer: Bavarian American Academy
Generously supported by the DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

(Graphic: ©shutterstock.com)

Congrats to the Harvard Fellows of our Bavarian American Academy

Christina Hofmann and Luca Messerschmidt © Amerikahaus München

The Bavarian American Academy and the Harvard Club München e. V. are happy to award Christina Hofmann and Luca Messerschmidt with this year's graduate research fellowships for summer/fall 2021. 


The two fellows will be awarded €4,000 each for their travel and accommodation costs and they will hopefully visit Harvard as soon as the pandemic regulations allow it. Hofmann and Messerschmidt will have the opportunity to research in different libraries and engage in academic exchange.

The fellowships are short time stipends and usually support the candidates for a stay up to 2 months at Harvard University.


We wish Christina Hofmann and Luca Messerschmidt an enlightening stay and good luck for their projects.


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(Photo: Luca Messerschmidt und Christina Hofmann © Amerikahaus München)

Congratulations on Yale University Post-Graduate Research Fellowship

Bettina Huber © Bettina Huber

We are happy to announce that Bettina Huber has been chosen for this year's BAA research fellowship at the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition at Yale University. 


Bettina Huber, who is a research assistant at American Studies at the University of Passau and working on her PhD thesis with the tentative title "Perpetrator or Victim? Challenging (Self)Representations of U.S. Veterans Suffering from PTSD", will receive €2,000 for travel and accommodation costs and she will visit Yale as soon as the pandemic regulations allow it.

The fellowship includes intensive cooperation with faculty and staff of the Gilder Lehrman Center and access to all campus libraries.


The fellowship is generously funded by the Yale Club of Germany.


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(Photo: Bettina Huber © Bettina Huber)

Congratulations on Duke University Post-Graduate Research Fellowship

Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes © privat

The Bavarian American Academy is happy to award Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes with this year's graduate research fellowships for summer/fall 2021. Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes will have the opportunity to research in different libraries of the Duke Center for Race, Ethnicity and Gender in the Social Sciences and engage in academic exchange.

Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes who is currently working on her disssertation with the working title "Open Veins of Native America: Extractivism, Digital Media and the Ecopolitics of Relationality in the Coverage of Socio-Environmental Conflicts" will be awarded € 2,000  for her travel and accommodation costs and she will hopefully visit Duke as soon as the pandemic regulations allow it. The fellowship is a short time stipend to supports the candidate for a stay up to 2 months at Duke University. 


Click here for the full news.


(Photo: Daniela Gutiérrez Fuentes © privat)

"Where My Girls At? Writings on Contemporary Feminist Art" – Out Now!

Cover art by TL Papa, ©Terri-Lynn Papagiannis

We are happy to announce that the book Where My Girls At? Writings on Contemporary Feminist Art is now available. It is born out of a conference at the Amerika-Institut of LMU in July 2020 and was supported by the Bavarian American Academy!



The essays, artistic pieces, and interviews gathered in this anthology explore both the role of art and visual culture as well as artistic practices in contemporary feminist movements. With contributions by young scholars, students, activists, and artists, the collection seeks to display a broad range of perspectives.



Recurring themes are the ambivalent labeling of art and artistic or activist practices as ‘feminist’ as well as the role of intersectionality in feminism and art. The essays contribute to ongoing discussions at the intersection of art and feminist politics.



The book is available at University Library of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität open source, which can be accessed through the university library catalogue. Print versions of the book can be purchased at various booksellers as well.



(Cover art by TL Papa, ©Terri-Lynn Papagiannis)

Out now: New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations (Vol. 23)

BAA Publikation Vol.23

The Bavarian American Academy (BAA) has released volume 23 of their widely acknowledged publication series with Universitätsverlag Winter, Heidelberg.


The post-World War II order of an Atlantic West based on common values emerged from a complex, conflict-ridden Atlantic history and established itself as a powerful actor in world politics.

New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations critically addresses the topics, processes, and problems of transatlantic relations from a multi-disciplinary angle, and marked by a worldwide pandemic. It thematizes the political, economic, and cultural dimensions from the seventeenth century to today and reflects them in categories of order and disorder, cooperation and conflict, convergence and divergence to get a deeper understanding of the present critical state of transatlanticism: the American retrenchment and the vanishing American vision of ‘world leadership’ in terms of ‘America First’ politics, the respective consequences impacting on the political and military development of the NATO alliance, and the Euro-American relations.


We would like to thank Trevor G. Burnard, Wim Klooster, Mary Nolan, Jana Aresin, Heather Conley, Barbara Hahn, Gale A. Mattox, Tim Büthe for their contributions. A special thanks goes to editors and contributors Jürgen Gebhardt and Stefan Fröhlich.


You can get a copy of New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations (ed. by Jürgen Gebhardt and Stefan Fröhlich) either as a hardcopy or as an ebook via the website of the Universitätsverlag Winter Heidelberg



You can find more information about the publications of the Bavarian American Academy on our website.



(Photo: New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations © Universitätsverlag Winter, Heidelberg)

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