Visiting EducationUSA in Washington D.C. and Arizona


Our Junior Manager in Education and Exchange, Rachel Steinhaus, had the opportunity to travel to the U.S. to participate in this year’s EducationUSA Level 1 Training Institute. Together with 22 other advisors from around the world, she arrived first in Washington, D.C. There she spent time at the U.S. State Department learning more about EducationUSA, of which the Amerikahaus is a proud member. This network connects over 400 advisors across the globe who help students to reach their goals of higher education in the United States. She also took part in exciting workshops organized by the Institute for International Education aimed at improving her skills as an advisor and learning about best practices from her fellow advisors.


The second week of the program entailed visits to three college campuses in and around Tempe, Arizona. Arizona State University were the hosts for the week and provided many insights into the international student experience , from admission and arrival on campus through to graduation. Rachel also got the chance to visit Mesa Community College and was amazed by the opportunities for students there, from app programming courses through a cooperation with Apple to established partnerships that allow students to seamlessly transfer to a four-year university. The final visit was to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, whose wide array of specialized programs from counterterrorism to piloting proved just how many possibilities U.S. higher education has to offer. Most impressive was how invested all the universities were in the success of their students, especially international students, and the resources available to help them achieve their goals.


It was a very rewarding and inspiring two weeks, and a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas on the various aspects of advising. Rachel is excited to apply what she’s learned in her advising at the Amerikahaus and to bring new ideas to the Education and Exchange office.


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(Photo: Rachel Steinhaus in this year’s EducationUSA Level 1 Training Institute ©Amerikahaus)