Free resume check at the e-Fellows Master Day Fair in Munich


The e-Fellows Master Day Fair offers students the opportunity to speak with representatives from universities around the world and to explore their options for further study. Over 200 students participated on March 24, 2018 in the fair, workshops, and individual interviews.


The Amerikahaus Education and Exchange Department was there to offer free English resume checks. We offered tips on how to format a resume for the international market, hone in on the most impressive aspects of their past experience, and cut it down to the ever-evasive one page resume.


You didn’t make it to the fair? The resume check is one of the Amerikahaus’ standard services. In addition to your resume, we can also read through and give feedback on your cover letter. We also offer a similar service for application and scholarship essays for students interested in studying abroad. More information can be found here.


Are you a student interested in going abroad? We are happy to help!

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Photo: ©Amerikahaus